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Packing dilemma....

As I was shuffling things around and making a space for packed boxed in the dining area, I a question came to mind.

How does one pack a skeleton?

For that matter bikes aren't all that easy to pack.... I'm suddenly thinking that I'm going to be making quite a few random trips back and forth before the big move day in order to move the oddly shaped fragile stuff... well the non cat oddly shaped fragile stuff ;)

In other news, I finally got my new camera and it's awesome. It will take a fair amount of getting used to, but so far it looks like it overcomes all of my complaints with the my old digital camera. I also got the mini-keyboard for the Palm Vx (bought before I got the Treo). It's pretty neat (I'm still glad I got the Treo though). Woo-hoo, new buttons and levers and stuff to play with... you could say that I'm a very pleased geek right now. Of course, this means that you can all look forward to oodles and oodles of new pictures now that I can pretty much carry a high quality camera everywhere I go... bwahahahaha

Anywho, I'm going to go veg out now.

Note to self: Find out what the song at the end of tonight's John Doe was.


As somebody who had to pack up ALL earthly posessions into boxes for last year's x-country move, it's very hard to pack those odd shaped things. You end up having to have a billion more boxes because every delicate or strange shape has to have it's own box, even if it wastes space and you fill it with paper.

The many trips for odd shaped things is the way to go. It may seem like a hassle, but it's less hassle that packing up strange stuff.
I think you're right about making multiple trips for odd shaped stuff.

Right now I'm planning to grab all the non-readily packable stuff and whatever I need to survive with the first weekend or so that I have the house and then move boxes and furniture on the big move day when I have family around to help unload the truck.


Sound like an excellent idea. Also, do anything delicate yourself. Things get rough when you're trying to move alot in one day.
1) You don't pack a skeleton. You sit it on the passengers seat and scare the crap out of people at gas stations... Especially when it isn't close to Halloween....

1) Good point. Too bad it won't be warmer, or I could put it in, roll down the window and have it sitting there with it's arm propped up on the window. Heh, maybe I'll do that anyways ;)

2) I bought it a few years ago. I got it for a song and it works most of the time. One of these days (soon), I'll poke around it's guts and find the short that makes it flake out from time to time. One of the nice things about this city is that if you're patient, it's large enough that cool things come up from time to time. This last week a centipede machine was for sale, but I decided to pass on it since a) I'm short on cash and b) I wasn't a huge fan of the game... Now a Tetris machine OTOH.... ;


A tetris machine would make me drive to texas to play... LOL

god, it must be nice to live in a city... :)
Heh, then you'll really appreciate the multi-game cabinet I've been (slowly) putting together :)
OoO new digital camera! Which one did you get?
I got a Canon PowerShot 230 Digital Elph.

Canon has an odd numbering scheme since this is one of their newest cameras and yet they've had a 330 out for several months now. The 230 is much nicer though.

So far, I'd say it's an awesome camera for general use up through to some fairly high end photography. I've been playing around with it a decent bit today and I'm really enjoying it. It does everything I wanted a digital camera to do. I'm sure that it doesn't compare with some of the $1000+ 5+ Megapixel cameras out there, but for the price, it's awesome and the pictures you take with it can easily be blown up to at produce some good quality 8x10 prints. I bought a couple of 128Mb CF cards for it and now I can easily take 200-300 high quality pictures without a problem. If I knock the resolution down a bit I can probably push that up to 1000+ pics for both cards (and I think it can use up to 256 or 320 Mb CF cards, wow!
okay, this is a random comment having nothing to do with moving... but...skeletons are fun to draw! light them up just right... it looks like the one you own has all the neat little divets and changes in texture that looks more like authentic bone. cool. good for figuring out human proportions, too.
remember, you'll also have TheTruck at your disposal, so you can maybe cut the # of small trips a bit.. (btw, when you do move, remind me to look for the stupid cargo net/web thing and my bunji cords before we throw anything in the back) hehe...