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My exciting day....

was not today ;)

I've worked a bit more on rewiring stuff in the house and figuring out what I need to make all the connections etc... I also managed to pass out in some random part of the house again. Ok, not pass out, just lay down and woke up the next day. Fortunately I'm still making it onto a sleeping surface (the office couch this time).

I did have a slight scare when I walked towards the living room, heard the TV on and focused on the skeleton sitting at the end of the hallway. I really need to find a better place for Skelly (its name for now). I bought a used full-size anatomical skeleton for Halloween, and I'm quite pleased with it, but seeing it by TV light right at dawn with my eyes still struggling to function for the day is a wee bit creepy. Especially since I have it sitting on the couch. That was like the 1 second of excitement for today.

I was thinking of heading to the ren-fair today, but I was just rather uninspired (and close to broke :(, ) so heading out an hour each way and tempting myself to spend money I don't have is a Bad Thing... (for now at least). I've got a decent little networking job that'll pay me enough to be not broke anymore, and there should be an actively good coding job in a month or two, so I'm not worried, but I'm still broke this weekend.

yech, I hate not having money. Not that I want loads of it, I just want enough to buy cool toys to play with, fix all the cars up nicely, and go out to visit folks. Ok, so that's not a trivial amount of $$$, but I have fairly simple tastes (aside from toys) so its not an obscene amount of money either.

Anyways, I'm going to continue vegging today :).


again, not to sound like i'm bitching, but last night's bill did sort of crap out my um, $tanding for today....totally didn't feel like doing the renfaire either....

needa change her name from Mystery Girl to ManYouKnowHowToTotallyBumOutAGuyAndHisBuddy Girl....or "bitch" for sure :oPPP hehe

not that she was being *THAT* bad...i'm sure you can think of somebody else would could do worse, but still...totally made VI feel shitty...i'm actually looking forward to trying to break in a new crew elsewhere....BWAAAHAHAHAHHAHA ('til january that is, afterwhich i will no longer dine out) haha