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Wow, another post in less than 24 hours ;)

It's been an interesting day so far.

I got a call from my insurance agent (well his secretary at least) to go sign my new homeowner's insurance policy. Yikes! I'm still not used to the idea that in a few short days my name will be attached to an actual house as the owner. Weird.

While that makes me feel old, this afternoon, I was playing... err... working with the loader-backhoe (a/k/a the tractor) and one of the kids that lives near the new duplex came out and was totally captivated by it. Heck, even her folks came out to watch for a bit. It was a nice reminder of how cool my job can be (somedays ;). I may not always look forward to having to do excavation work, but little things like that can really make my day.

Anyways... I leave you (just for a bit) with this thought:

Obla di, obla da, life goes on....

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