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Look ma, no attention span....


I just spent the last hour zoned out not actually doing anything useful beyond answering the phone a few times. The screen savers on this machine are evil... evil I tell you!

In other news, I really need a secretary. Well we need one for the company. I think we'd work a lot better if we had someone reminding us to deal with stuff without nagging (by definition when I remind my dad or my mom reminds me etc... it's nagging). Failing that, I need to figure out how to better use my PDA to do a bit of that. How do most folks (who have said things) use them for handling lots of random time dependant stuff? I use mine for entertainment and for its address-book capabilities but other stuff tends to go by the wayside and this is not a good thing. I must get more organized.

ADD can make it a tad difficult to effectively plot how to take over the world.

On a bad day ADD can make it rather difficult to actually make it out of the office.


Me & ADD

I have learned how to use my ADD to become the most effective multitasker on the planet. Short attentions spans mean being able to more shorter projects over a faster span of time.

Re: Me & ADD

I can probably give you some serious competition on the multi-tasking front, but for a while now, I've been frustrated because I feel like I'm this close to really having my act together and being fiendishly productive and then I get distracted by the screen saver.

ADD is odd. I can't imagine living without it and for the most part, I like the places that my mind wanders to because of it, I just get frustrated that I can't control it as well as I think that I should. My mind will switch over to the next topic whenever it feels like it. Sometimes that's why I can't sleep. I lie down, close my eyese and my mind starts racing along working on my various problems/challenges. At the same time I used to sit down to do homework and find myself distracted by unalphabetized CDs or some other thing that had to be dealt with "right that minute"

Before, I could use my PDA to schedule myself fairly effectively, but my current job/life doesn't lend itself to easy scheduling and I'm trying to figure out what to do about it. Of course that means that I get distracted trying to figure out a new scheduling system instead of doing other stuff that I should be dealing with.

Sometimes, my life seems to be one distraction after another.
I wouldn't mind being your secretary chick. The only thing would be that I would have to get off at 4ish. That would make for an extremely long day for me.

I'm sorry about last night... My throat still hurts. I hope I'm not coming down with anything, because I don't have the "I" word. Bleh.

I have a few boxes, do you want/need them? Let me know, because I want to get rid of them, one way or another. :)
Boxes would be good. I could use a few more boxes.

Jen and I could be your secretaries! :D

She'd get off at four, and I'd pick up where she left off. Hee! Of course, whether or not we'd spend time doing actual work, or goofing off ... that's an entirely different story. ;x

I'm still working on stalking her to Foxy. Weeheehee.
Suddenly I'm a lot more determined to make better use of my PDA :-p

Good luck with the stalking efforts.
i don't run a business-- just my lamer than usual graduate school stint so i've got things like:
2 weekly lab meetings,
1 biweekly meeting with scott,
random seminars,
experiments that stretch over days involving temperamental embryos.
i use the palm desktop on my laptop to plan out when i'm going to set eggs, torture, image, and fix the embryos. i'll plan out a week or two worth of experiments on the calendar, and then hotsync it to the treo. i have the treo beep at me before my scheduled time with the embryos, and meetings with scott. it is also especially useful for making appointments. if you don't pull it out often enough, then it becomes incredibly pointless, but i've made a point of pulling mine out every morning, checking it, and making sure everything's up to date.

on another note, the widely reported backlight problem just hit my treo90. called handspring and they're going to send me a replacement. damn. it's really been a bad week for my gadgets.
It sounds like you have a good system for using your Treo. Do you ever put in stuff that isn't a regular event? My problem with it is that I don't often have stuff that is easily plannable. I keep thinking that I need to use it to (at least) keep track of what I do and important information that I may need in the future, but it's still hard to take it out when I need it (i.e. to write down someone's contact info).

Although one good thing is that I've been getting really good at using the keyboard so that helps with note-taking. Graffiti would drive me nuts before because even if I was writing things correctly, it would often mis-interpret my writing and then I'd have to go "hold on a second, backspace backspace backspace, ok go on".

Gadget death sucks. I was fairly distraught when my Palm Vx was acting up a while back. I hope that my Treo doesn't succumb to the backlight death (and if it does I hope it does it soon).

I just got the cable to connect it to my cell phone, so I'm hoping that this will make me play with it more (as I'm doing messages and writing email) and it will lead to actual productive use of it.... That's the plan at least ;)
it would often mis-interpret my writing <==it can't properly interpret left-handed writing :oP hahaha j/k

who wants to take over the world anyway? it's so dull and... round.
Hmmmm.... I bet that's just your evil way of trying to make me stop my efforts so that you can proceed to take over the world yourself.

But, ha! I'm on to you :-p