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I'm getting old.

I spent most of this weekend not doing much of anything because my stomach was quite unhappy. I think that I finally figured out what I was doing wrong (basically eating unhealthy and not getting enough exercise) these last couple of weeks. So it's good that I can now take steps to make myself feel better and turn this around in fairly short order, but.....

I miss having the stomach of an 18 year old which allowed me to survive off of pizza, pop-tarts, oreos, and diet coke (that was most of my diet for 2/3s of freshman year). Not only that, but I could eat like that and still be in fairly decent shape. Now, I slack off and eat poorly for a couple of weeks and my energy and my general comfort go right down the tubes. If I don't exercise much, things get really bad. Right now I still feel icky, but at least I can tell that my diet and exercise changes are paying off (I hopped over to the gym a while this morning and I made a point of eating less and eating better etc...). It's a relief that I can start to feel an improvement already, but I don't like this.

My body shouldn't be staging these types of coups while I'm still in my mid 20s... I was looking forward to at least another 8-10 years of ignoring my health and still feeling good. Wel ok, maybe I wasn't totally looking forward to that (not since my dad ended up in the hospital earlier this year), but I was really hoping that I could be fairly healthy and occasionally slack off for a couple/few weeks health-wise with no ill effects. That's apparently not in the cards and it's making me grumpy (although part of that might be residual grumpiness from my stomach).

Bleh, I'm feeling very physically unappealing right now (and my back feels like someone went at it with a baseball bat). Now where is that Haagen Das? Heh, I wish... More likely I'd have to settle for baby carrots or something. Actually, it's late. I should settle for water and then bed.

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