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T - 3 days and counting....

My life has reduced itself to waiting for the closing on Friday.

The tentative plan for this week is to walk through the house with my dad (and maybe my mom) either tomorrow or Thursday. Once we poke around a bit to make sure that things are as they should be, we'll er.... I'll close on Friday. Yikes! That sounds so strange. Yes yes yes. We have established that I find this whole thing rather surreal, I can probably stop mentioning it every other post, but still. Yikes! Ok, I'll stop ;).

I finally have some nifty pictures to put up from the new camera (but I was lame and crashed early last night). I keep being more and more impressed with this thing. It slices and dices and just about takes pictures by itself. I went up to Scenic Drive yesterday afternoon and I took some reasonably nice pictures. The lighting wasn't great, so I didn't get anything spectacular, but it was a good chance to play around with the camera and try out different things. Its panorama mode is awesome. In theory I can use it to take any size of panoramic shot that I want, but it doesn't work so well without a tripod (the background and foreground won't quite match up from picture to picture). Next time I trek out there, I think that I'll toss the tripod in the truck and see how it works with that.

Ruben took Isabella to my folk's place last night while I was still around so I hung out and watched everyone make funny faces at her. I got some nice shots of that as well. Isabella is getting rather large now. I hadn't seen her in a couple of weeks and I could swear that she got noticeably bigger since then. She's also quite a bit more interactive now. She makes random sounds that almost resemble speach and she can sit up and look around etc... She almost laughs and gurgles on command. She's like a really messy "Tickle Me Elmo" doll. I did end up leaving a little early thanks to her though. She started crying at one point and convinced me that I'm just not ready to put up with that sound from anything without a mute button. It's nice to know that whatever paternal instincts I do have can be channeled into being the cool uncle who can then run away when things get loud (or stinky ;).

Hmmm... I think that's all for now. I guess I'll run off and do something semi-useful now.

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