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Almost there....

I was supposed to be closing today (in 1.5 hours in fact), but the folks who were in charge of doing the paperwork (and not located in EP) didn't get it finished (damn holidays) so they will only be sending it out either today, or Monday morning. So the closing got moved back to Monday afternoon. It's probably less of a hassle this way (Fridays are invariably hectic around here), but still. I want to be done with this. I want to sign, pay the money and know that I'm just waiting to move. Right now, the paranoid side of me is still putting off a couple of things until it's official (i.e. arranging to change my landline over there, have the gas hooked up).

On the plus side though, this means that we can have a walk through of the house this weekend (hopefully) and have the seller show us where the important knobs and levers and buttons are. The plan is to do this and hopefully take a few pictures and measurements of the place so that I can show folks what it looks like (finally).

This whole thing is starting to feel a little bit anti-climatic. Its such a long and drawn out process and there are so many random little things to deal with that I don't know when I'll really really feel like I'm done. Maybe once I've moved all my stuff and the critters and we're all in one place again. At least the cats will enjoy living in Box City again for a while (why is it that cats love exploring boxes so much?). I'm also planning on getting an aquarium setup soon so that the kitties have a buffet.... kidding. Actually its kitty TV.... non-interactive, one channel, all fish all day. Of course even once I've moved in, I'll still have to unpack and I'll finally have to invest in some things that I'd ignored when I was living in the duplex (which was always known to be a temporary situation). The next several weeks will be quite expensive and very hectic. Oh Joy.


I had that anti-climactic feeling. Mostly, I just was feeling in limbo until the final move, so that left me less than excited. I've also lived in so many places that it doesn't quite hit me as much as it does Jared that it's a whole building all to ourselves. But it does pop up as excitement at odd and cool times. And as I get more unpacked it gets much much more fun. It's the living in that's the best part, not the buying or moving.
It's the living in that's the best part, not the buying or moving.

I agree with that one! The fixing, redecorating, and hiding in are pretty good too. Buying and moving SUCK!
I don't know how great the place will be for hiding, but I'm already getting a perverse enjoyment at the prospect of spending good chunks of my weekends and weeknights fixing up stuff in the house.

I suspect this is a continuation of what I experienced when I moved into my current place. At first I was really gung-ho about making little customizations to it, but the fact that it was a "temporary" space (i.e. just for 3-5 years) made all that less fun. Once I figured out the timeframe for the new construction next to it, I totally lost interest in doing stuff to it because I knew that I'd be starting to look for a new place to live.

Now I can look forward to making changes and repairs to a place that I can conveivably enjoy for quite a few years/decades.
It's cool to know I'm not the only person who finds this whole process less than thrilling. The RE agent sounded shocked when I responded to his "Are you excited?" question with a non-commital "Eh, not excited, just a little impatient and stressed".... Then again perhaps I should learn to read the "I'm asking to be polite, but don't really want a complicated answer" signs that people give out in those situations.

I'm just looking forward to 3 or 4 weeks from now when I'm getting settled in and I can enjoy the place.

I think I know what you mean about living in lots of places. I've done my share of moving in the last 10 years and I'm pretty much at the point where I know I can handle it, but I also know the amount of work that I have in store, so it's exciting, but that's tempered with a certain amount of "oh look at the mountain I get to climb today" Not to mention that my current place is a mess, so I can't even really go home to relax since there are lots of boxes that need packing and lots of cleaning that needs doing etc...