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The waiting game....

So the closing is set for today....

Sometime today. I'm going to have to ask the RE what's up with that, but I'll wait until things are sorted out. The papers should be here (i.e. El Paso) by 2-2:30. Then they'll call me and I can go get the cashier's check and then head over to the other side of town to sign. This is making me rather grumpy.

Not so grumpy that I'll really make any fuss about this, but grumpy in an impatient "wish this was over" sort of way. I'm going to be very happy when this is over and I can worry about the stuff I always worry about.


I still have a lot of boxes to give you... Do you want to meet up on Wednesday to have dinner, and go to a movie? It's been too long since I've seen you.
I think I can do Weds. It would be nice to get out and watch something. I haven't seen any new movies in a couple of weeks.
I know it's frustrating, but keeping thinking about the happy "I'm going to have my own house!" thoughts. :) Good luck!!!