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This just in...

The closing is now set for tomorrow at 2pm.... Apparently some nimrod can't work their fax machine so they're going to over-night the papers.

Words cannot express my annoyance with "them" (the folks doing the paperwork) at this moment.


Incompetent jerks!

There must be some way of wringing concessions out of them over this.
Unfortunately the problem is that the papers are getting lost between the folks doing my financing, and the folks handling the seller's side of things, so it's impossible to say who's screwiing things up.

At least I'm not the only person getting annoyed with all this. The RE agent and the mortgage person I work with are both stuck waiting for this to go through before they get paid for this particular job.
UGH! Jones.... nothing like MORE waiting.

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Harley Earl designed the '53 Corvette... sorta the GM equivelent of Lee Iacoca w/ the Mustang