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Closing Time

Well, it's mine. All mine.

We closed at about 2:30 this afternoon and I went out for an early dinner with my folks.

Now I'm tired and a bit blah. After all the stress and worrying and general "Victor is a Neurotic Freak" factors of the last week or so, the closing went off well and I only had to do a minimum of running around. They didn't tell me what the actual $ amount of the cashier's check was until about an hour before the closing so I had to hustle to the bank and then hustle to the closing all the way across town. Not a big deal and certainly not something I'm un-used to (having to hurry across town for some reason) so all in all this was a good day.

As a slightly "Ack" note, the seller is 100% moved out already and asked if I would let her out of the lease agreement that had her staying there until Friday. This means that I don't get the money she was going to pay, but it also means that I get the keys tomorrow morning-ish. Eh. I said ok. The deal is done and I don't see any benefit to being a hardass about that. Except for not getting the money (which wasn't much but was still something), it's better for me, but of course, I still have a bazillion things to pack because I've been a slacker (and I was feeling a bit bleh still). Technically I could move this weekend, but I think that my original plan makes more sense. Now I have a full week to do some basic home improvements before I really really move.

For those of you that are interested, my new contact info will be up sometime tomorrow because I forgot to sync the Treo to the desktop at my office and that's currently the only place that I have that #. For any of you that have my old #, that will still work for a while and the cell remains unchanged.

Adrenaline is running low and I did actually work today so I'm going to go *thud* now.

Pictures will probably be coming before this weekend though.

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