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All the pretty colors....

So does anyone have any suggestions on how to figure out color schemes for a house?

I'm officially tired of white walls and the new house has a few.... ummm... interesting wall colors aside from white that I'd like to get rid of (a pink room is tops of that list ;). I'm going for a look along the lines of classical and refined meets spooky and quirky. I want it to look normal-ish (but stylish) at first glance but with lots of potentially odd/unsettling details thrown into the mix.

Unfortunately most of the home improvement places have fairly generic "pastel", "country", "french", etc... type colors and decors and none of them really do anything for me. Modern sometimes looks interesting, but it's often lacking in a style that I like. I've got a few color ideas, but I was hoping to find someplace(s) that had interesting color schemes etc... that I could crib off of. I'm not so sure that I'm ready to dive into the wonderful world of paint chips just yet :).

Suggestions and comments will be quite welcome...


The best idea I have is to look through design magazines and books about painting and colors for houses and pick out rooms that you like. Then you can go get paint chips that look like the colors in the picture. Some of the "how to paint cool stuff on your walls" books, if you flip through in bookstores, have some cool schemes that aren't boring ol' vanilla. Also, some mags lik Victorian Home have cool darker colors to model off of.

And I highly recommend the buy a quart first theory. Buy a quart of the paint you think you like, paint a big piece of plywood or something and leave it up against the wall for a few days. Look at it in the morning and the evening and in different light. You can also paint a big splotch on the wall, but some don't like that. :) But that way if you don't like the color, you've only wasted a little bit of money and a little bit of time.