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House Geekiness: You asked for 'em...

.... pictures that is.

I did in fact get the keys last night. I checked out the house from near top to bottom and I took a good number of pictures. Dave came over and I gave him a tour of the house. Jenny called to drop off boxes, but I was about to drive off back home so she didn't get to see it yet. I had a decent bit more luck taking pictures this time around. So now you get a slideshow...

  • Sold! - To the gentleman with the long hair and scowl. I was starting to wonder if I'd ever see that... Of course now I'm wondering when they're taking that away ;)
  • Welcome - to my humble abode. The entry as shot from the front door. I was right. The only way to photograph some of the spaces is to stand in the doorway or even outside the doorway to the room. Still need to do panoramics, but this is a start.
  • Shiny Floors - I know, you've all seen the living room before. I was just suprised at how shiny the floors in these two rooms are. At least I don't have to re-do these right away.
  • Wide Open Spaces - Considering that this house is going on 73 years old, it's surprisingly open. This picture is taken from the back corner of the dining room across the house to the front door. Throw in about 15 windows on the first floor (and about as many in the 2nd) and this house can be very non-claustrophobic.
  • Everything but the kitchen sink - has to be re-done. The cabinets are very solid and with a bit of cleaning and paint (yes, black), they should look 100x better. I may or may not redo the countertops right away. I'm not in love with the kitchen, but it has some good points, including simple counter-tops that are easy to replace. Oh, and do you see the half-eaten cake that the previous home-owner left for me? How thoughtful... granted its a week old and uncovered in a house with an unknown insect and rodent population..... I think I'm going to pass on it. Oh, can anyone tell me what's missing in this picture?
  • Speaking of floors - After seeing how nice the other floors are, it's re-assuring to see the kitchen floor. I forsee some sanding and staining etc... in my future. Probably after I paint the cabinets though ;). Still, though all the cabinets and drawers are solid and use-able.
  • In-house laundromat - I really want to do something about this room. It's a bit too big for a laundry room. Partially this is due to some really horrible HVAC ductwork that the previous owners wanted to hide-away. First order of business though is to vacuum. Vacuum like mad. The entire floor is covered in that funky 70s carpet, the grey parts are just dust and dryer lint... However, do you see that door at the end of the room?
  • The Stairway to nowhere - I find it oddly neat that my house has something like this hidden away in it's depths. It reminds me of the Winchester House in CA. Obviously I'm glad that 99.9% of the house is useful and well laid out, but every old house should have something like this. It's a bit creepy (particularly because of all the spiderwebs) but I was very happy to find it.
  • Dead Weight - thy name is laundry sink. Check out the monstrously heavy double cast iron laundry sinks in the laundry room. I think I'm keeping them (because I'm sure as hell not lifting them out of the basement;) and refurbishing them.
  • It's the little things - like this register that realy make the house spiffy. It needs a mega-polishing, but there is some very nice brass under all that grime and oxidation. Ruben's house has these in the rooms and they're polished and they look awesome.
  • Time to paint - This is the room that will eventually house my bed. Currently though its a pleasing shade of pepto-dismal pink. It gets better....
  • The Chili Pepper Fan! - That's right kids. You too can have chili peppers spinning around your room without the hassle of taking acid ;). Of course what's even more frightening is that I'm thinking of putting it in the kitchen for a while because the kitchen just has the most basic bare bulb in as it's only source of lighting.
  • Rub-a-dub-dub - that's a mighty big tub... This is the first and only tub that I have ever been able to actually stretch out in. It's a Dragon-sized tub. That is soooooo staying in there. The rest of the fixtures probably have to go.
  • A blue room - for those days when you just need to depress yourself. Actually I guess baby blue isn't traditionally thought to be depressing, but I find it horribly upsetting so this is also getting re-painted in the very near future.
  • Viva Mexico/Itally! - This room has one (badly) painted green wall, one (badly painted) red wall and two (badly) painted white walls. It will soon have well painted walls in some other color. As a random note, this room was listed as a "bedroom" but thanks to not having a closet, it is technically not a bedroom. My RE-agent was a bit miffed when he noticed that, but I'm ok with it. I actually think this will be the guest room since a lack of closet should make it harder for someone to outstay their welcome ;)
  • Original Hardware - minus the keys. All the upstairs rooms have these door knobs/locks. I have on skeleton keys. I need to remedy that situation as well as polish the plates and knobs etc.. Yet another one of those little details that can make a huge difference in a house.
  • The Mystery Door - amazingly enough I found that this door has two very ornate plates on it. The hardware is gone, but as luck would have it, I actually have the a lockset that fits it (my pack-rat ways are paying off ;). I think that I want to (eventually) move this door to another part of the house and possibly do something more organized with this little section. First I need to get up the courage to clean this corner of the basement though... Definitely something I'm doing in the daytime ;)
  • Weird decisions -The light in that picture is by far the niest light fixture in the house. It's an actual leaded-glas light. It's not terribly bright, but it's a very nice looking light fixture. For some reason though it's the light fixture that lives in the tiny back room. Then again, maybe that's the only reason it's still intact.
  • The Porch - One of the main selling points of the house was this porch. It's freaking huge. I'm looking forward to sitting there on a Sunday morning in the Spring, with a drink and the newspaper and enjoying the breeze.

Well that's all there is for now. I didn't actually get to take pictures of all the quirky things in the house, but those will have to wait for a day or two as I am still trying to figure out where to start with this project. I'm thinking that cleaning is definitely going to be one of the first things I tackle....

Ed. Note: I will eventually put these up as the first part of the house pages, but enough folks here have asked to see pictures and I'm likely to procrastinate on actually making the webpages for a couple of weeks so this is easier for me and more satisfying for others :). Hopefully these will also be some nice "before" pics to compliment some fabulous "after" pics a few months down the road...


1) That pink room brought back nightmares of summers at my grandmothers farm, and the room I had to sleep in. *shutter*

2) That chili pepper fan says something to us northerners... talk about stereotyping texas... it would rock in the kitchen though.

3) Speaking of the kitchen, the fridge is missing. You might want that. That must be why the cake is on the counter. YUCK!

4) Do you have bars on your windows? Is that a southern thing? Or a bondage/prison touch?

5) why is there only one working light bulb in the light fixture in the hallway/entry way? Did short people live there?

6) That blue room needs clouds. A can of white spray paint, and some nice puffy clouds. Then you can have a "zen" room.

7) Gee, why doesn't a grown man WANT a pink bedroom? LOL. It is nice sized though! I vote for green.

Ok, I'm done being sarcastabitch... Thanks for the pics, loved em! And I love the house. If I ever need to bury a body, I'll drive it to Texas and chop it up in that sink, and leave it in that basement... *creepy* I think alot more lighting would brighten that up a bit.
1) My condolences. Its just such a hideous shade of pink that I had to share ;)

2) Actually, I've seen more northerners doing the tacky "southwestern" thing than actual southwesterners. Most folks I know tolerate actual spanish style in houses (because there are lots built like that) but few really like something like that. I'm not thrilled about the fan, but it fits in with my kitchen's unofficial theme/color scheme. I love black and wood as the main colors with a bit of red and chrome thrown in as accents. I have a few things (tabasco apron, hot sauce oven mits) that do the hot spicy food theme and I figure that if I pre-emptively choose a particular theme, no one would come up with something like a "nautical" or "french country" gift for the ktichen. So far, it's worked quite well.

3) Nope. It's not the fridge. The missing item is something that's "supposed" to be in a kitchen (i.e. bolted down) but this kitchen apparently never had one. The cake is sitting on the counter because the trash can outside is full (and even has a couple of bags sitting outside of it). I think they might have left it as a "Welcome to your new house" + "We don't want anymore sugar" gesture, but I'm wary of eating anything that was left out like that. Besides, I'm not a big fan of the big mega-sugar cakes anyways.

4) The bars on the windows are a parnoia thing. I just got the house so I haven't had a chance to do anything about them. I'm probably going to leave them because you do get a discount on insurance for having them, but I'm not a big fan. Personally I believe in keeping windows closed and non-peakable so that no one knows what you have and therefore no one is really tempted to try and steal it. For the time being though the windows are painted shut and are probably much more substantial deterrents than the bars.

5) I don't know, but this evening, I couldn't even get that to turn on. I'm probably going to go through and replace all of the switches and outlets and try to get the electrical system up to code (or at least in the ball park of being "up to code" ;)

6) When I need to meditate I can look out the window at actual blue skies and fluffy clouds. Along with mountains and the city skyline. We don't really have much in the way of weather out here. None of that 2 days of non-stop fog for us. The worst we ever get is an afternoon of dust storms :-p

7) Your vote has been noted and will be taken under advisement :-p

Now I'm disturbed. I didn't actually think you were being "sarcastabitch". You're welcome to drive out to TX and visit even if you don't have any body disposal needs. In fact you're encouraged to visit when you don't have body disposal needs ;


ROFLMAO! Oh man.. :) I'm sitting here eating lunch, in a silent library with my laptop, and I just burst out laughing at your comments... Now I'm going back to stare at those pics again.. this kitchen thing is starting to bug me.

I do need to drive to TX some day. First off, I'd love to see it anyway, but, I really would love to meet you, and Mandy mandelion too.. :) Odd, most of my long distance LJ friends are in TX.

And I'll agree about the southwestern stuff- Atleast down south it "fits" but some of the western things around here? Come on, we are in NEW ENGLAND! cattle skulls just don't LOOK right! LOL. I had a friend in HS that had her whole house, a MODERN style house too, completely decorated in southwestern.. YUCK!

Interesting side note, was that she was "experimenting" and grabbed my breasts one night... can you bet that i never went back there again?
Vent hood over the stove!!!!!!!!!!