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purple dragon

Home Sweet Home...

Well, my cable is hooked up and working at the new place. I am in fact sitting on the floor of what will eventually become my computer room/office. Moya hardly takes up any room here. I like this. Space is a good... no... space is a very Good Thing (tm).

Happy happy joy joy....

The house is a wee bit cold though. I think I need to have my dad take a look at the heating and see what's up with it. Preferably before Friday I think :).

Anyways, I'm going to shut down Moya and go downstairs. Got some stuff to do before I head home to work on my mega-packing and mega-moving Thanksgiving.

One nice thing about a cold house is that Moya is running really nicely and quite cool (31 degrees C for any of you geeky enough to be curious ;)

However, the house is way too cold for socks. I'm going to go put on my insulated boots again. That sounds like another Very Good Thing (tm).

Warm feet here I come...

Oh, and just so folks know, for the next few days I'm going to be mostly offline (I have lots to do in the house and I'm moving Friday) so I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and eats plenty of good food. ttfn.


wow.. 31? NICE!

I giggled when you said it was cold. Your in TEXAS! Come back up to New England, we have 7 inches of snow and a high of 25. It was 10 degrees this morning. LOL.

Good luck with everything, and have fun moving the skeleton & your other misc. cool things.

We'll (well, atleast I'll) miss you.


Heh, I wasn't claiming that TX was cold. just that my house was uncomfortably cold. I could have bundled up in my topcoat and been quite toasty, but I believe that being able to see your breath when you're indoors is a sign that you need to be more careful with open windows :-p

The preperations for moving are coming along reasonably well (I'll ramble on about them in detail once I'm done). However, now I'm running late for Thanksgiving feasting. I hope you had/have a good Thanksgiving.

Oh, and thanks. It's nice to be missed :))