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Now where did I leave the.....

All righty.

I got moved thanks to my very cool sisters, nephew, brother and his friend and Dave. I think that at this point, I'll probably need to help them dig some shallow graves if they ever have a need to. "I owe you one" doesn't even begin to describe how much help they all were. It took 3 trips with a fairly good sized moving truck (yikes, where did all this stuff come from? ;) and about 16 hours, but we got it done. Now I just need to figure out where everything is and where everything is going. So I'm going to have plenty to do for the next few years or so :-p.

I woke up feeling sore and a wee bit sick this morning. I'm not sure if it's the remnants of my stomach virus still manifesting, or if I just slept a little poorly last night (only slept for 5 hours-ish before I got up to let Zhaan out into her new backyard). I feel a bit out of it, but I'm just going to chill and relax here for a while. Actually everyone seems to have had a bit of a rough time with the move. Pixel and Morticia are a bit confused. In fact, Morticia is quite wigged out and hiding under blankets and pillows in the bedroom. Pixel seems to be relaxing a bit. Zhaan seem to like the new yard, but she did spend about an hour barking at all the neighborhood dogs this morning (and vice versa). I'm sure the neighbors loved that at 7am on a Saturday ;)

I'm slowly starting to figure out a game plan for what I need to do now that I'm here. I'm going to take a few pictures of the current chaotic state of thing, but it may take a day or two to post them since I'm not actually sure where the cables for my camera ended up. All the gory moving details coming soon (first I'm going to eat though :).

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving...


Happy cardboard hunting... :) Don't slice up your hands with cardboard cuts like I did while moving my grandmother.. :(

Probably not what you meant, but...

...your grandmother is made of cardboard? :-p

So far no cuts or any other injuries except for some mildly squashed fingers when Zhaan decided to jump onto a rock I was about to move in the backyard. I haven't actually really started settling in yet due to being just too blah the last couple of days. I mostly just sat around, watched TV and realized how much stuff I couldn't find (I can't even find my cereal!).

Tomorrow though, I'm stopping by Home Depot for some stuff I need and getting to work on things after work. I suspect that my previously almost non-existent life is about to become completely non-existen

Re: Probably not what you meant, but...

Yes.. she IS made of cardboard. Right now she is folded up with a George Cloney I stole from Blockbuster... *giggles*

I don't know what it is. I open computer boxes all the time, and yet, I'm usually fine. You make me move someone or pack something? I slice up like ham.
ooooo, i wanna see pictures of the mess!
i can't wait until i'll be able to get my own mess, er, apartment.
Heh, having your own mess/apartment/house is very cool. Although it's also a bit intimidating. I keep looking at this ginormous pile of srtuff that I need to do (and an equally ginormous pile of stuff I need to unpack) and wondering what I've gotten myself into.

Pictures will be coming along in the near future (once I find a few key cables)
good luck

aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! not the hypnotic icon *stares at screen and drools*


One of these days when you're in town again you'll have to stop by and check it out (hopefully once it's a little less disaster-area-esque :)
the dalmation? hehehe..they were just chit-chatting, saying hello, etc :oP
Heh, I'm sure my neighbors loved that.

Fortunately, so far, Zhaan hasn't been the one to start the barking... although she's definitely the one with the most imposing bark.
hey! you don't list your email! LOL Can't send you my info, huh?

email me- aharrington@woodstockacademy.org

It will give me something to look forward to at work tomorrow.
Ah, right. I knew I was forgetting something :)