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The plague and other assorted ramblings....

Well, I'm still alive and kicking (or at least twitching).

The stomach virus is definitely on it's way out, but it's been a most tenacious little bug. Unfortunately while I'm still feeling the after-effects of it, I also appear to have tweaked my back a tiny bit (right beneath the shoulder blad too so I can't easily massage it) while moving and someone seems to have passed on some more germs at me (mild cold/flu-ish ones). So I'm pretty much Mr. Plague lately. This is making me grumpy since I'm still going to work.

Anyways, home stuff is coming along ok. I've started moving things around to their final locations etc... I still need to get some of my appliances installed and/or hooked up, but I'm going to be trying to deal with that this evening.

Random question: What is the normal way to deal with a fireplace? I mean, my folks have had one all my life and most of my siblings have them, but no one really seems to be quite as much of a pyro as I am (my mom even asked me if I wanted the fireplace irons because they haven't used them in 15+ years). My fireplace is crying out for use and I'm somewhat apprehensive about how one goes about using one safely (I'd like to keep my house from going fwoosh in flames...).

Oh, and still no luck with cables. My camera has pictures, but I have no practical way to get them onto a computer. Heck, for that matter, I can't even find my dishes yet... or some of my clothes.... or some of my food. I'm not thrilled with not knowing where anything is. Even at it's worst, my house might have been cluttered, but I at least knew where my stuff was.

All things considered though, I'm in a fairly good mood, just a bit cranky due to the plague(s) and aches I've aquired...

Well, back to work.


Fire and other sundries

Fireplace: you should definitely get a chimney sweep to take a look and clean it (if necessary) before using it. The creosote buildup is what makes houses go FWOOSH, and a sweep can tell you if there's any buildup to worry about. Around the east it's about $75-$90 to get inspected/cleaned. Then make sure you have a screen or rug to protect any wood floors about. I assume you have a, umm, I forget the name, one of those iron things that the wood goes on in the fireplace. And keep a fire extinguisher nearby as an added safety. Then go burn things. :) And make sure you put the screen up/close the doors if you're away from the fireplace.

And I found a bunch of hardware (as in doorknobs, vent covers, etc) sites:

Sorry that the links are almost all pointing to doorknobs. That's what I was looking at when I saved them. But there's lots of other stuff on those sites, too.

Re: Fire and other sundries

Ah, those are some very cool pages.

One of our suppliers has a really substantial collection of things for new and old houses and they're prices are pretty good. Check out


They aren't really a "restoration" supplier, but they do tend to have useful things that other places (e.g. Home Depot, Lowes, etc...) don't usually carry.

Thanks for the note on the chimney sweep. I think I'll look for one this week so I can hopefully use the chimney in the near future (ideally without my house going "fwoosh")
I've never had a fireplace, so I don't know. But all I know is that I like those electric ones that looks like a real fire, but it's a lot safer.
Heh, real fire in fireplaces is neat.

My brother tried to convince me to convert my fireplace to one of the "gas log" ones, but I'm leaning towards keeping it wood-burning.

There's just something really enjoyable about being able to sit and watch a fire do it's thing.... Then again I am a pyro and one of my earliest childhood memories is of sitting in front of a roaring fireplace and tossing the little green army men into the fire and watching them melt :).
tossing the little green army men into the fire and watching them melt

Oh dear ;) I would like to try toasted marshmallows on an open fire place!
did the previous owners mentioned the last time it was swept? Might consider getting a sweeper in there to be safe (don't wanna end up smelling smoked pigeon hehe)

btw...any and all cables that were in and or around the office/desk/workbench/shelves/etc should be in the silver cases, which are in the dining room, sorta next to the barcolounger?sp?, next to the table (in the general corner adjacent to the doorway)
Heh, I figured as much, but right now finding and getting at that one case is going to be a bit tricky.

It's not entirely unlike knowing the exact location where the Titanic is at the bottom of the Atlantic :-p


you might have an easier time finding Jimmy Hoffa :oP
oh! are you going to roast marshmallows? or pop corn on it? fireplaces are cool. one of the undergrad houses here has a big roaring electric one. nope, not as exciting as wood... but giant flames are still fun.
Heh, after Steer Roast and being engulfed in flames that one time, I have a healthy respect of big roaring fires :)

Still though, a fireplace is definitely a big plus to this house. Granted I'm still at that stage where almost everything in the house is a plus either because it's really cool or because it gives me a chance to change it around to my liking :).

Roasting marshmallows sounds good, but I didn't realize you could do popcorn on it.....
i guess i should preface stuff with: carole's from florida...
hey! isn't there a christmas carol where they talk of roasting chestnuts on fire? that sounds like fun, too!
Wow, so you get all your information about xmas and cold climates from old songs? Scary!

Yeah, you can do popcorn over a fire, but you really ought to get one of the specialized containers to avoid either burning yourself or making a huge mess!
yep. south florida, where it's news if the temperature drops to the low 40s. not many fireplaces.