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Mr. Plague(s) lives....

Well I seem to finally be mostly over all the crap that I came down with. Good thing too. I was pretty close to giving up and going to the Dr. I'm still feeling a bit ungood, but nothing like I had been. All things considered, I'm feeling 1000% better (which brings me up to about 85% of abnormal).

So let's see this week revolved around

Work: Several of our workers are utterly incompetent. If not for the fact that we'd have to pay for their unemployment benefits if we fired them, they would be sooo gone. People like that are a big part of the reason why I've never been pro-labor. In theory people should be cool to each other and do their best etc... but I've spent my life seeing how easy some people find it to slack off and/or do their work horribly. Tomorrow, either my dad or I will have to chew out a couple of workers in particular for doing some really really stupid stuff and damaging one of our rental properties. Being sick has really sucked for work though. I didn't realize how much I took for granted being relatively healthy and fit until I was totally wiped out the last couple of weeks. Fortunately though, the last couple of days have involved a huge improvement so I'm looking forward to being Superman again.

Life: Have none. Talked to A once in the last week. I found that work and my being sick left me very little enthusiasm for dealing with anything else. It's probably for the best, but still. Bleh. I want someone cute to obsess over and show off my new lair to.

Home: It's finally starting to resemble a home and not a big house full of boxes, but ultimately the whole process of settling in is much more tedious than actually moving in. Right now I think the only room that is mostly complete is my bedroom and that's simply because I decided to keep it mostly empty (just a bed, TV and a few other random things). I'll go into more details about that in the near future. I plan on updating ye olde journal more often now that I'm not feeling deathly ill.

Anyways. Hope everyone is doing well. Christmas cards are going out this week, so anyone who would like one (and who I haven't already agreed to exchange one with) should let me know.


1) Welcome back to the living

2) Did I send you my info?

3) My xmas cards went out today.. :)
1) It's probably more like "Welcome back to the land of the not-quite-dead-yet"

2) Yeah, I have your info. Mail bombs away :-p

3) Groovy. Now I have something to look forward to aside from bills and such :)
Email me your new address! (holiday greetings and all that jazz)
Address has been emailed :)

BTW, I got the LPN CD yesterday and you were quite right. Very cool stuff, and autographed by the man himself.


Yay! I really love Swing is Dead, too, and the most recent live album is good too.