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Revenge of the Plague.


I'm still sick. That's it. I'm making an appointment to see a Dr. ASAP.

Random thought: When random people ask "how are you?" they don't really want to know do they? Any answer beyond "I'm fine, how are you?" will illicit a blank stare and awkward silence while they figure out what to say. Mind you I haven't actually said "I feel like I have the plague and my insides want to be on my outside" to anyone. I think I've said something like "I'm feeling a bit under the weather today" or "I think I'm coming down with the flu" and this has still caused people to pause for a bit.

Bleh. Going to go do work stuff now.


3 posts in 3 days...geebus man, get yourself to the doc's NOW!!

could it also have been brought on by the great fear of having to actually put all your stuff up now that it's moved? :oP
You know, I hate that. People all day at work ask me how I am. Well, I have a hand wrapped in bandaging, a pissy look on my face, computer parts everywhere, and I look like shit. So.. yeah.. I'm fine. But if you answer with anything BUT fine, you get that "look". But what really burns me are the few people who say "fine" to, and they just start with THEIR shit. Like, I was considerate enough to not bitch to you about my problems.. why bother me with yours?

I think it is just easier to say hi. That is it. Which is what I do, unless it is a close friend of mine. I actually kinda salute.. or shoot. An old friend of mine use to do that, and I picked it up. Non verbal acknowledgement is good.
I've always felt that "how are you?" is simply a greeting like "hello". Just like "hey, what's up?".

Then I'm reminded that everyone doesn't share that opinion when they tell me about their 23,000 current girlfriend/family/health problems... :)

Hope you're feeling better.
i'm of the same thinking... somebody asks "How are you?" i'll just say "fine" no matter what because at least for me, I don't like people telling me their problems, so I won't burden anybody with my pety crap :oP