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Take that you pesky bug....

Well, I finally got over my plague(s) and just in time for Friday the 13th no less.

What luck! :-p

Actually, I always seem to have relatively good luck on Ft13. Go figure.

I have lots to post about, but it's late and I'm about to pass out. I'm just waiting for the train to stop going by so I can go crash. One slightly annoying thing about the new house is that it's rather close to train tracks. Granted it's on the "right" side of the track for once, but still ;). Eh, it's not bad, and once I get the windows sealed up right, it'll actually not be an issue at all. Right now the only problem is that a couple of windows are permanently opened with window a/c units in them and that makes even street noise a bit annoying at times. It's weird. I can literally fall asleep anywhere (I've knocked out at nightclubs with very loud music playing) but when I'm going to go to bed, random little things can keep me awake.

A few years ago, when I used to live at Tang (a dorm that was right on the Charles river), I would keep getting woken up by geese honking and doing their thing a whole 15+ stories down on the river bank. I guess it's no surprise that random street noise and train stuff would keep me awake a little bit right now. Anyways, it sounds like things have quieted down now, so time for bed....

Oh, and how sad is it that I am now quite sleepy and ready for bed right at about midnight on a Friday? I seem to be settling into my new sleep schedule... I'll probably be up by 8 or so tomorrow. So much for being a wild and crazy college kid.

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