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A little morning rant...

"Foley's pulls Addict line from El Paso after protests"

This annoys me to no end....

Somewhere along the line, society seems to have picked up the idea that everyone has the "right" to not have to experience things that they don't like. We can all legitimately expect to not have to experience anything that we consider unpleasant. What's worse, in order for one group to not experience things that they don't like, the rest of us have to also not experience those things because it's for our own good.

"Porn is bad, I don't want it in my community" (nevermind that the only reason you have adult shops is because adults like going to them and make them profitable). "This music is 'bad' we must ban it" (and to hell with that pesky first ammendment) "Drugs are evil" (except for the ones that make the drug companies (e.g. Prozac) lots of $$$, those are ok).

We live in a society that has very strong opinions about what is right and wrong and almost no concept of personal responsability. If the perfume "addict" is so troubling to recovering heroin addicts, then they should avoid the perfume counter and premium department stores. Does this mean that alcoholics will now be able to lobby liquor stores to stop selling booze because it reminds them of their problems? Oh wait, we do have the fine example set by stupid fat people suing McDonalds because they didn't realize that eating buckets of Big Macs and not exercising could be detrimental to their future as models. Clearly it's not their fault for stuffing themselves silly with food (and I use the term loosely ;) from a fast food restaurant. Obviously it's McDonald's fault for not having scales in front of their registers (i.e. "Oh, I'm sorry M'am, you exceed the weight limit for this restaurant, please go to your nearest fitness center and come back when you're half the woman you currently are"). Just like it's Big Tobacco's fault that people would smoke multiple packs a day.... Granted, Big Tobacco is utterly evil and should be held liable for it's lies and efforts to obscure scientific facts about smoking etc..., but if you don't have enough sense to figure out that there is some connection between your 5 pack a day habit and that nasty black gunk you've been coughing up, then to be honest, I think I'm ok with evolution going to work on your stupid ass and you damn well better not get paid for being stupid.

It's never our fault that bad things happen to us. It's always the other guy's fault. Is it any wonder that so many people (kids in particular) have no concept of personal responsability? Not only are a society of victims, but we're a society of annoyingly whiny victims.

Bah. I'm going to finish Chrismtas cards now. Merry Humbug ;)

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