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purple dragon

Oh Christmas Tree...

Well, I was lame, and I didn't get around to doing that one thing I wanted to do for my tree yet, but it still makes me happy so I'm going to share.

Check it out. The tree and all of it's decorations cost me less than $50.00. The joys of 50% off sales right before X-mas!

The big thing that I wanted to add to it was some sort of platform beneath it. I ended up having it live over the return air grate for my furnace and I am very happy with how it covers it up, but since the tree won't be up all year (or at least it shouldn't be ;), I want to make a platform that can serve as seating during the year and as a tree stand during the holidays. Hopefully I'll wander on out to the hardware store before the 25th and I can get the necessary materials....

Now, to add a bit more holiday cheer to my humble abode, I bring you the heady of Skelly Claus...

and finally, this isn't Christmas specific, but I decided to fix up the chandelier in my entry (i.e. the one that everyone but me seems to love). I think I'm warming up to it now that it looks less decrepit. I think some nice polishing of the metal and the crystals should actually make it relatively presentable. Besides, if I can fix it up to the point where I'm happy with it, it'll be one less thing to worry about buying for a while.


Looks great! We always have a bat puppet on our tree, but I like the crow. :)

And the chandelier is very nice!
I need to find a better tree decoration for the top, but the crow did a good job this year. I think I got the idea for a non-traditional tree decoration from you guys last year (I just didn't have a tree then ;).

BTW, thanks for the card. Clearly, great minds think alike ;)


LOL! I thought the same thing. :)