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Ahhhhh.... I needed that....

Last night I did in fact get to hang out with Martin, Gina, Shannon, Patty and Dave. We saw Gangs of New York (DS=9) and hung out a bit afterwards. I had a good time being social and hanging out with folks. It was nice.

Then, today I:

  • slept late
  • met an amusing (in a good way) person online
  • got treated to lunch by my folks
  • straightened up the house a decent bit
  • finally figured out some good places to hide/store some things
  • had dinner with L
  • watched Lilo and Stitch (DS=8.5) with L

I may not have found true love, saved the world from invading aliens, found a cure for cancer, or even helped an old lady cross the street, but I still feel good. This is how weekends should be. Very little stress, good company, good movies, and good food. I think I'm going to go read and relax for the rest of the evening.

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