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A White Christmas?



Hell (Paso) is freezing over.

It's Snowing!

My festive and slightly chilly Weyr... I'd been wondering why it was a bit cool in here this evening.

I think I'll be going into work a little bit late tomorrow morning. This is enough snow to paralyze the city.... Actually it'll paralyze all but the worst drivers.

A snow covered bush.... and I don't mean Dubbya...

A shot of the alley and my neighbors nifty looking wintery tree (and some power lines)


how beautiful! I do miss the snow around this time of year! Your house looks so cute! So have you finally gotten everything moved in? Be safe on the roads if you go out! :D
I know what you mean. I tend to miss actual winter weather for about a week or so every year until I remember how nice it is to be able to see the ground and not have to be good at walking on ice (let alone driving on it) etc...

Thanks. I wasn't going for cute, but that's better than ghetto (which is what I call this year's lighting scheme, complete with a bit of duck tape ;).

I have actually finished moving everything into the house, but I haven't actually unpacked everything yet. I suspect that it'll be a while befor everything is out of boxes since several things are going to have to wait until I've dome some home improvements. I think I've just bought myself the never-ending project ;)

I was lame and hid out in the house until most of the snow had melted. Ah, the joys of living in a desert :


Well, my lights are usually put up with duct tape too, so I guess I am also ghetto....lol
There's nothing wrong with ghetto, I just feel weird doing that in this neighborhood because it's the kind of place where some people have light shows and full manger scenes in their front yards etc...

Then again I just moved in so I should get credit for having lights and stuff up at all :)
i wish it was snowing here...
gah...im so stupid...i hadn't looked outside..it's snowing!! lol..and lots of snow on the ground haha...i said to mom "i wish it was snowing" and she goes "what do you mean heather? look outside!!!"
im braindead sometimes
Maybe you caused it.

Your psychic powers are developing.

Miss Cleo better watch it or you'll be able to take over her psychic friends network :-p
Wow.... I'll go out on a limb here and say that El Paso isn't getting much snow normally? LOL.

*sarcastic* Now, you have a bronco... that was the BEST hands down 4 wheel drive vehicle I ever HAD! You should be out there blowing people off and showing off!

Well, I'm also assuming that El Paso's Highway Dept isn't very good at sanding and snow removal?

Festive lights!

BTW- We're getting 12 inches atleast tomorrow!
Heh, El Paso doesn't get much anything normally. I think our average yearly precipitation is something like 8-10" (for the ENTIRE year).

WRT Molly being a good vehicle in this weather: She is. I really loved having her out in Boston for a couple of years. I could always count on her to drive over the snow drifts left by the snow plows and she was quite pleasant to drive in a few blizzards. However regardless of how good she is as a vehicle, the fact remains that EP has some of the worst drivers anywhere in the world and this is compounded by the fact that we often end up with NM drivers and Mexico drivers driving poorly but in different ways so you end up having a huge cross-section of truly horrible drivers doing truly stupid things which means that I would much rather stay completely off the roads when the weather goes to crap.

EP's street dept is not at all good at sanding or snow removal. I'm not even sure they have a snow plow or any of that good stuff. However, the are lucky in that things like snow and ice rarely last beyond 10-11am on any given day so they don't really need to be good at dealing with that stuff. It just means that you don't go into work on that day (which I can live with ;)


LOL... Speaking of, I'm not at work today because of yesterdays ice/snow mess... I guess the plow truck at work won't start (diseal) and they have no power, so they can't warm up the block. Darn. I'm stuck home today.... Look at me be SOO upset!