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purple dragon

Monday morning update....

This weekend turned out to be fairly mellow. Mostly just hung out, watched movies and mocked folks. En route to VI last night, I took several pictures that would be at home at Ugly Christmas. I'll post some of the more amusing ones this afternoon/evening. I got home too late last night to bother with doing picture stuff.

I'm getting old. By midnight I'm rather tired and sleepy. Granted I'm getting up at 6am so that has something to do with it. Of course I've also gotten Zhaan used to this schedule so come about 7am and she's running around the room/bed doing her "I need to go" dance and occasionally running over me until I get up and let her out. Before I could easily go back to bed, but lately it's too cold/far/inconvenient to trudge all the way back there so even on the weekends I end up getting up early and doing stuff. I really need to do something about my bedroom. The window A/C unit lets in a lot of cold air/wind and while my blankets effectively fight it off during the night. if I get up for 5 minutes, the bed loses all body heat and again resembles an ice box. One more thing to add to the list :).

BTW, for any folks who like technical geeky stuff, I highly recommend Conquest on the History Channel. The last few episodes focused on medivel things (e.g. "How to fight against a Knight in armor", "How to compete in a tournament", and "Fighting with the longbow") but tonight's is going to focus on how to win/compete in a demolition derby. It's got a Good Eats meets Junkyard Wars feel to it. It focuses on the technology as much as on the history of it's topic and it does in fact have some interesting how-to pointers. Granted it's unlikely that any of us genuinely need to know how to joust, or fight against someone wearing chain mail, but it's neat stuff. When I first saw commercials for it last month, I was skeptical about the show, but the host's dry british humor and the sheer amount of information delivered made me quickly reconsider my position. So, if any of you are bored this evening, check it out at 8:30pm eastern on the History Channel.

That is all.


Thanks for the plug!

You know, up north? We take our A/C's out of the windows during the winter.. Or we get a spouse that is extra warm to help us out!
Yeah yeah yeah :-p

Believe me, taking the A/C unit out would be my first choice unfortunately it's in a window that's painted in place so I can't actually move it out of the way just yet. Getting the windows unstuck is on my list of things to-do, but it's following along behind getting at least one bathroom 100% useful.

Hurrah for old houses.

I wouldn't mind the second option, unfortunately I have yet to find anyone off-kilter enough to be my S.O. Still working on it though (in between home improvement projects)
i think my sister left her heat gun thing that she used for leather tooling... I've seen them use one like that to soften paint then jsut scrape it w/ a putty knife..I'll check the shed tomorrow


Are there any good looking women at the local home depot? You're gonna be spending enough time and money there, you might as well get a employee discount and some companionship with it!