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Scratch and dent....

Woo-hoo. I stopped by my favorite (based on visits) store this afternoon in search of foam insulation in a can and I found something very cool.

What will I be doing this week?

I'm going to be transforming this:

by installing this:

I'm very psyched about my little find. The new medicine cabinet is huge (a few inches bigger than the old one), but that means I can fix some of the messy cuts that they made in order to install the old one. Even more exciting is that because it has several nicks and scratches etc... I got it for $20.00 (regularly $70.00)! I figure I can fix most of the imperfections and those that are still visible won't look out of place (if you can even spot them) since the house is old and has lots of imperfections itself :). I'm also going to be getting rid of the old (nasty) sink and replacing it with something relatively appropriate, but modern and non-nasty, but that will probably have to wait a week or two.

This is how far I got tonight:

I could have made more progress, but I want to touch base with my dad since I've never actually cut through a plaster lathe wall and I would like to avoid having to re-plaster the whole thing. I also need to find an appropriate light fixture to replace the ugly (and non-functional) fluorescent lights the old medicine cabinet had. I guess you know where I'm going to be going tomorrow ;).