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Tis the season....

... for truly hideous decorations.

As promised....

Contestant #1: "and there was Santa hung by the Chimney with care" I suppose this is one way to keep Santa away from your house.

Contestant #2: Now in this house, the Squirrels are the ones that get into the decorating spirit.

Contestant #3: The attack of the Christmas decorations. This house was apparently under siege by it's Christmas toy/decorations. I went back during the day and counted 74 different lighted characters, plus a projector with different holiday scenes (it was off when I took the pictures). What's really disturbing is that this house ends up being a landmark for identifying my street.


... and the winner is....

Contestant #4: How bad is their taste? Let me count (one, two, three) the ways. In case anyone thought that Christmas wasn't commercial enough there is apparently a market for garage door nativity scenes. This house looks like a casino that went horribly wrong. The tower/star is visible from several blocks away and makes the entire display about 40' tall. Proof once again that some people have way too much free time.

Honorable Mention: This house tried, but it couldn't quite compete with the winner (despite the scary 8' tall snowman and window nativity scene). Yes, apparently the window nativity is a mass market product that you too can go out and by and torment your neighbors with.


I'm going to try to get a photo of this house I drive by on the way home from work- I truly believe that blind people live there. Either that, or you shouldn't drink a six pack before hanging lights the red neck way...

You know, I thought these damn inflatable decorations were just like a local thing. THEY ARE COLONIZING AND TAKING OVER THE COUNTRY!!!!!!! My father was actually convinced that he was being stalked whereever he went. For a week straight, every job he went on, they had either the snowman or the santa. Finally a town water main job broke the trend. But damn, they are SCARY when they are only 1/2 inflated. Our neighbors got a hole in it, and instead of patching it or taking it down, they run it every night still at this droopy, creepy 1/2 filled state.

And people WONDER why I'm afraid of Santa!