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New Year's Eve Movie Night...

What better way to ring in the new year than by watching good/amusing movies?

Don't ask me why this made sense, but for no particular reason, tonight I watched:

Six String Samurai
The Big Easy
and finally

An Ideal Husband [*]

I think I can stay awake through some part of another movie.... Now what'll it be...

Eh, I'm in still the mood for good music and funky period clothes.....

I think I'll try to watch Amadeus and see how long it takes for me to crash...

Oh, and BTW, Happy New Year!!!! I do have a deep and meaningful New Year's post up my sleeve, but I'm not in the mood to think too hard on all that stuff right now. Right now all is good, I'm comfy and for some bizarre reason I'm actually on LJ (hello Mr. Doesn't Have a Life [**] ;)

[*] While I was watching this I was drawing up plans for some of the stuff I need to build and I happened to pay attention to the sets. I think I'm going to adopt some of the color schemes from that movie. Particularly the stuff in Lord Goering's home and the gallery scene. Some very cool and vibrant colors etc... I'll ramble on about this some more later, when I'm actually semi-awake.

[**] What wild and crazy thing did I do at midnight? I watched the time/day/year reading change over on the Treo. That's my big New Year's tradition :)

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