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Am I the only person in El Paso that doesn't stockpile explosives and ordinance (i.e. fireworks and gun ammo) for the sole purpose of setting it off at midnight on New Year's Eve? I swear, for a moment there, it sounded like Beirut outside.

Man, I am getting old... :-p


You're old! OLD!

Back in the day(tm) you wouldn't even think a special occasion was necessary for this sort of behavior.

Ordinance is a good thing, provided it isn't shot straight up. Apparently an entire wedding party in Afghanistan was killed this week by a celebratory rocket shot straight up... as you might imagine, it came straight down.
I should have clarified. I have no issues at all with firearms or explosives, except when used by stupid people who fire them straight up. Unfortunately, the normally don't come straight down but rather on the other side of town and into someone else's car/house/head.

Then with fireworks, you have parents who let their kids use things that are significant portions of a stick of dynamite (without supervision, not that it would help in their case) and then they are shocked when little Billy blows his arm off.

You know, if part of someone's wedding involves a "celebratory rocket" staged by an amateur, I think it's probably a good thing that there's no longer a chance that these people will reproduce :-p
yeah, they don't do that in pasadena. it might have woken me up ;)

shooting guns in the air is so dumb. people do it every year and every year someone's kid or grandmother dies. okay, other people get shot, too, but you just hear mostly about the 11 yr old boy.
heh, what's really scary is that apparently across the river in Juarez, the police report problems with lots of people emptying entire clips of AK-47s into the air.

I don't think I heard any of that the other night, but I'm pretty sure some Braniac was unloading a good bit of a clip of some non automatic firearm into the air in the middle of a city (that's what actually prompted this post in the first place).