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This is a wild and exciting Friday night....

... if you're dead.

Otherwise it's a wee bit dull. I did get to talk to Connie (clunymph's little sis who also went to hell with us but hasn't gotten an lj yet :-p) and that was fun, but it did get me thinking about stuff and although thinking is good, I realized that my big plan for the night was to not think. Now that I'm thinking I'm getting restless and feeling like I should be more pro-active about stuff and and and and....

and I think I going to go watch a movie with lots of explosions and stuff with the volume turned up so as to enjoy the fact that I have a house and no one can complain (nice 12" thick brick walls to muffle the sounds).

Tomorrow I am going to work (I'm forgetting what one does on a regular Saturday besides work) and then I'm going to do something with the potential for great coolness or great weirdness. I will of course be less vague later.

For now though, the surround sound is calling me and I need to do some laundry so away I go.

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