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An update...

Well I'm still sorting out what to say about this weekend's.... adventure. Things didn't work out particularly well, but if nothing else at least I answered some questions for myself.

In other news. I'm slowly learning how god awful complicated it is to refurbish/renovate and old house. I have sorted out the big details of the bathroom project, but I'm going to have to do some exploring in the attic in order to figure out where to start. I'll probably also ask my dad for some advice on locating stuff (hey, 40+ years as a plumber is bound to produce some useful advice... about this). It looks like things are still moving along well for it's completion this weekend, but it will involve a fair bit of work tomorrow and Saturday. On the plus side, I finished assembling the vanity tonight and now that I have the medicine cabinet, vanity, sink, faucet, and lights out and easily viewed, I'm really pleased with how they work together. It's amazing how much nicer the bathroom will look once everything is installed.

First though, I need to teach myself something about electric wiring (specifically the how's and why's of GFCIs). That'll be my research project for the rest of the evening and some of tomorrow afternoon. It's not complicated stuff, but as a rule, I tend to believe in researching things as I need/want to know them rather than trying to know everything at once. Normally, I'm too scattered to really "learn" stuff that I read, but if I have it in front of me, I can usually sort things out quickly. I'm very much mechanically inclined and very much not socially inclined. This explains a lot about my life.

Umm anyways, yeah, The bathroom should be finished this weekend (or at least, very nearly finished) and then the kitchen will be tackled next weekend. The kitchen upgrade will be relatively minor (compared to some of the plans I've considered for it). Mostly just dealing with the sink situation, painting cabinets, and maybe re-organizing a couple. If I can, I'd also like to move some of the outlets and the gas service into more "traditional" locations. But we'll have to see. This will be kitchen upgrade 1.0. It will make the kitchen use-able and its a long-term solution. Upgrade 2.0 will probably not happen for a few weeks (depending on how successful I am at acquiring materials and deciding on a few ? items).

Oh, and for the record, some of the above ramblings aren't supposed to really make sense yet. This post is mostly for my benefit and so that folks see that I am in fact sill alive and geeking :)

More later.


Well I'm still sorting out what to say about this weekend's.... adventure

might just be my callous/jerkish view of the workings of the world or at least how I think they should work, but I don't see what things there would be to sort out...but you'll say that this post wasn't about asking for advice, yadda yadda.... maybe a trip to All-Saints this weekend would do the catholic in you some good :o)

(rather ironic that Dave suggests religion for possible help w/ your issues eh?)


... don't go there.

ok, i must be insane. that post made perfect sense to me.

*goes to poke eyes out*