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The never-ending story...

... of fixing up my humble abode (and a day of lists).

My mom & dad came over this morning so that my dad could help with the bathroom upgrade. It was nice and it we did a decent bit of father-son bonding. I also discovered that sawzall blades can get very hot when cutting through old plaster-lathe. I have a nifty new imprint of a sawzall blade on a couple of my fingers to prove the point. The bathroom work advanced quite nicely, but it may not be done this weekend. So far we:
  • Made the existing hole in the wall big enough for the new medicine cabinet
  • removed the nasty old medicine cabinet
  • installed the new shower and tub faucet
  • removed the old (broken) sink
  • cut a hole for the new vanity light
  • fixed the room's light switch.

What's left is to
  • Cut the floor molding so that the new vanity fits up against the wall
  • change old 2 prong outlet to a GFCI outlet
  • add a new sink height outlet
  • run power from ceiling light to vanity light location.
  • install vanity light
  • decide if I'm keeping a ceiling light or just using the vanity light (if not then remove ceiling light)
  • install medicine cabinet
  • spackle like mad
  • add shower curtain to shower curtain hanger
  • install vanity, top, and faucet
  • fix scratches in medicine cabinet
  • paint medicine cabinet and wall/room (not necessarily the same color)
  • clean up construction debris

This weekend I also have plans to
  • wash Molly (going to attempt to do this in the garage as it's the only place I can currently even attempt it)
  • reload Molly with standard work gear (it had been emptied out for the Big Move and I can procrastinate like a fiend)
  • extract Molly from garage (harder than you might think)
  • install mini-blinds in back porch/room
  • fix (very small) leak in one of the supply lines for the tub
  • Install/assemble pot rack in kitchen
  • continue (very) gradual process of unpacking and moving stuff around the house
  • clean

In other news, I went to the combined birthday party for my sister Angie and my nephew Andy this afternoon/evening. I hung out with the family and this was one of those evenings that definitely makes me glad I came back here. At one point, all the siblings were sitting around (plus Jackie, Patti, Angel and Isabella) and we were passing around the baby and kidding around about stuff and generally having fun hanging out. It was just a very good time. Very relaxing and lots of very good food. It was also cool because my niece Patti (finally) let us know that she and her b/f were officially engaged (and she had a rather nice rock to show for it). They received some amount of good natured joshing (it wasn't an actual surprise, but it was nice to have confirmation). Then I gave sister Terry a ride home and meandered on back to my place and here I am. I'll post some random pictures tomorrow. Now it'es time to kick off my boots and relax.

It's been a busy and very good day.

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