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Master Home Improvement List.

Well after realizing that I'm having trouble keeping track of the 1,001 things I need to do, I figured I needed a comprehensive list. If you're into keeping track of things like this, check back in the future as I intend to keep this up to date (I'm even 'memorizing' it)... Oh, and believe it or not, the house isn't in any danger of falling apart.... yet :-p

  • Replace ceiling fan light in deco fan
  • kitchen sink

    • move supplies from above sink, down to cabinet level
    • extract old kitchen sink cabinet & counter-top
    • install new faucet
    • setup water supply & drain for dishwasher

  • replace nearly dead light switch in dressing room
  • run & connect Romax for vanity light fixture
  • install vanity light fixture
  • securely attach (to wall and ceiling) shower curtain loop
  • acquire new handrail & hardware for main stairs

    • install handrail & hardware
    • stain rail and repair any wall damage caused by installation

  • acquire new handrail & hardware for basement stairs

    • install handrail & hardware
    • stain rail and repair any wall damage caused by installation

  • install faucet onto the laundry sinks
  • clean up and de-ickify laundry sinks
  • finish ceiling work in guest room
  • fix exterior window frame (dining room)
  • re-attach fallen security bars on window (dining room)
  • remove chili pepper fan and re-install in kitchen (hurray for kitchen kitsch)
  • install deco fan #1 in bedroom
  • remove ceiling fan from office
    • install in living room

  • remove ceiling fan from dressing room
    • install in dining room

  • install deco fan #2 (the one with spotlights) in office, gives better light than the other one
  • install black fan #1 in guest room
  • Add cut-off valve inside house (no more trekking outside to shut off water)
  • install black fan #2 in dressing room
  • hall bathroom

    • paint
    • repair walls
    • finish installing outlets
    • replace old W/C with a low consumption unit (contact PSB about rebate for doing so)
    • install new sink, vanity, and faucet
    • install medicine cabinet
    • build 'industrial' shelving

  • install range hood in kitchen
  • relocate stove outlet and add and outlet for hood
  • setup old kitchen sink cabinet in garage
  • figure out layout for chili pepper lights
  • attach chili pepper lights quasi-permanently
  • use existing non-used switch to add an outlet for chili lights
  • reinforce library bookcases... maybe also paint or do something with their finish
  • lug library bookcases upstairs
  • J&J bathroom

    • fix damaged floor under W/C
    • remove tub
    • find replacement brass register.
    • prep floor for tile (i.e. remove nasty green linoleum tiles)
    • change layout of major fixtures (w/c, sink, shower)
    • paint

  • back room & half bath

    • prep floor for tile (i.e. remove nasty brown linoleum tiles)
    • tile floor
    • install miniblinds in big windows
    • clean out & de-ickify vanity cabinet
    • extend partition in half bath to include sink and W/C
    • change light fixture for half bath, add vanity light
    • install mirror
    • change faucet

  • throw away old medicine cabinet and broken sink (try not to simultaneously throw out back ;)
  • install couch bookcases in library/guest room
  • paint library/guest room
  • install blackout shades in office (save mini-blinds for other applications)
  • install blackout shades in bedroom (save mini-blinds for other applications)
  • install blackout shades in dressing room (save mini-blinds for other applications)
  • install blackout shades in library/guest room (save mini-blinds for other applications)
  • install mini-blinds in living room
  • install reclaimed mini-blinds in dining room
  • remove old sliding latch from basement door
  • install passage lockest in basement door
  • figure out some sort of window treatment for French doors
  • do quasi Japanese rock garden for front yard area
  • setup laundry room table and shelves
  • install digital/programmable thermostat
  • move supplies for washer to opposite side of sinks
  • move washer drain to opposite side of sinks
  • remove wood blocks from sinks
  • clean out laundry room sinks

That's all for now......

.... most definitely To Be Continued


I'm interested in how things turn out....each time you make a change, post a link to this journal entry so we can keep up with it :D You have your work cut out for you! Hopefully you are good at home improvement stuff.
That's a good idea.

I was also planning on linking before & after pictures of the various items (assuming I stop being a flake and forgetting to take the befores).

I think I'm meandering out of the land of home improvement and well into the world of heavy construction :-p


Yep! don't forget to put your hard hat on lol :D
Japanese rock garden sounds cool...wonder what "el vecino" will think LOL
Heh, I'm hoping that he either a) doesn't notice or b) is susceptible to voodoo ;)
de-ickify is a snazzy ass word.
Yes it is... even if it does refer to dealing with something I'd rather not (the mind boggles at how a sink can get that nasty)
Well, if your disposing of bodies.... things can get pretty nasty quick.
Random thought: I have no problem dealing with icky stuff if it's relatively fresh, but once it sits a while, I really hate it. I'll help cut up the fresh body, but I ain't getting anywhere near a decomposing body.

decomposing bodies

Did I tell you about the harbor seals in the freezer? I start on Sunday... if you're lucky I'll send you skin samples as well as pictures. ;p
no home... no home improvement! ;)
this sounds like a thesis project.
my aunt up in cupertino, ca has a nice
succulent garden in front of her house.
works real well and reminds me of a
japanese garden-- peaceful.
Unfotunately I can't really do a green garden in front.

One of the rules for "historic" districts in town is that they can't have less than 50% grass and in this town that can be a pain to deal with since we are in a desert. My front yard happens to already be 100% rock though so instead of going backwards, I'm going to try and do something similar to this:

but without the sand. The rocks in the front are a nice enough gray-ish river rock and I happen to have access to a bunch of big red-ish that I would like to arrange around the two existing plants in the front. I might also try to do something more bonzai ish with the front planter area, but I'm still debating that and trying to figure out what might look good.

I guess that's 1,002 things I have to do ;
j&j bathroom --> does this mean installing speakers in there?
my friend toby did that and it works great-- though freaky on
ususpecting guests. he claimed he liked to listen to npr during
his morning showers. it'd be great for a nice long bath, too.
j&j bathroom = Jack & Jill bathroom = The common name for a bathroom that is shared between two bedrooms.

Believe it or not, I hadn't actually thought about the speakers. Right now I have the advantage that I can just turn up the stereo in the office and since I live alone, closing doors isn't such a big deal so getting music in the bathroom isn't too difficult.
Yeah, speakers are great- you can queue up a whole bunch of MP3s and take a nice long shower. Or listen to NPR; we do that too. Just don't rig the toilet to flush remotely via keyboard input or you're even more of a nerd than I thought!

Strange speakers-in-showers story: guy is taking shower in a wired bathroom, with music of his choice playing over the speakers. Another suspicious character, knowing he's in there, hooks a mike into the system, and says "Lynch, this is God. Stop masturbating." First guy comes running out, dripping wet in his towel, screaming "WHO PUT A WEBCAM IN THERE DAMMIT! I'LL KILL YOU!" Ha.