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Falling apart....


I seem to have done something not-nice to my knee a couple of weekends ago when ummm... yeah. I'd hurt it before (not doing that though), and this isn't all that bad, but I'm very aware that since moving I've really started to slack off in the fitness department (who am I kidding, I continued a previously established habit of slack-ness) and I think that might be making it feel worse. I have a larger range of motion than I have after previous injuries, but it seems to hurt more and it's generally feeling less cooperative than it has at other times.

As I was getting out of the shower just now, I stepped on some bit of building debris (I will be overjoyed when my house is under less construction, or better yet when entire rooms are fully habitable) and in the ensuing hopping and cursing I managed to aggravate my knee (as well as myself). I guess I'm going to have to figure out what I'm going to do about fitness. I've always been able to work my way through stuff like this, but right now I'm not sure where I'm going to find time to do everything I need to do. This evening, I got home, checked email, and then before going downstairs to do dinner, I sat down on the big comfy blue chair that Ruben gave me and found myself waking up about 2.5 hours later. I didn't even plan to doze off at that point. I think I've discovered a whole new level of hell (the one where you are hose and tired and you can't blow things off because most of them are things that you want to do, there are just too many of them)....

Bleh. I need more hours in the day.

"If you can't get everything done working 24 hours a day, work nights"

All right, time for bed.


what you prolly need to do (this weekend) is to try to keep weight off of it, wrap it and maybe put something like icy/hot...(go to walgreens, theyhave this wicked capsacin cream that burns like a mofo but makes the knee feel oh so good hehe)

do you think the fact that you're doing stairs on a daily basis has anything to do w/ the increased aggrevation (or at least what might not help it?)
Well fortunately I'm not quite at your point of knee pain. Mostly right now I'm annoyed because it tends to not want to move if I leave it in one position for a while (e.g. after sitting for a bit).

My current plan is to start back into the leg and upper body strangth training I used to do. When I was really into that a few years ago, I had zero knee problems so I'm hoping I can do that again.

I don't think the stairs are that much of an issue. I'm not sprinting up them and I've never had problems with stairs before (I did live on the 4th floor for a couple of years in Senior Haus and one summer in EC). My biggest gripe with stairs is navigating the curvy stairway at 6am in order to let Zhaan out.... I really need that hand rail ;)
capsaicin! toby worked on the capsaicin receptor in the lab he worked in as a tech. its hard to tell, but (i believe) he was never the same after that. amongst other things, they used xenopus oocytes to express the receptor and then would test the function by using a highly concentrated extract from hot peppers to activate them. toby said it came in a tiny vial in a huge box because it was orders of magnitude hotter than what you can get out of peppers. i think the lab is now trying to identify a receptor that recognizes cold rather than thermal/noxious pain.