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I'm hardcore [*]...

... geek that is.

What made my day today?

Well, I finally found myself a good comic book store. As in one with lots of books that I want to read, with regular hours and random stuff like toys and gaming stuff. What made this discovery even cooler is that they were selling an old Millennium Falcon that just happened to match the one I already have with the exception of having almost all the parts that mine had lost. So I'm going to cannibalize one of them in order to make a nearly 100% complete Falcon. You have no idea how much this makes me happy :-p

I also found a snazzy light for the bathroom (which will be installed next time I have a chance and plenty of daylight to work in.

I got to be managerial at work today and I was able to make out workers do productive stuff and not destroy anything during the day. It's nice to feel like you're accomplishing something. I did have to make 4 separate trips to Home Depot though. Ask me how much I wish people could remember to ask for everything they need at once. I still feel a bit weird having to tell people that are older than me what to do, but I'm pretty good at getting over that ;).

The house still looks like a disaster area, but I did make some progress on the front yard (not enough to merit pictures though).

That's all for now. I'm going to go to the gym now and I hope to not destroy my knee in the process. I did some stretches earlier and tried out some kicks (from the good ol' martial arts days) and that actually did seem to help it so I'm hoping this is just a case of "use it or lose it" We shall see though.

[*] - I refuse to type in hax0r or whatever the fuck that is on general principles [**]

[**] - yes I do have some and they are very general :-p

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