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The kitchen sink....

Now my kitchen has everything but the kitchen sink. Seriously.

My mom & dad came over earlier and they helped me do some more demolli err.... work on the house. We got rid of the old wall mounted kitchen faucet and lowered the supplies for the kitchen sink for a "normal" faucet installation. Since it's annoying to work inside of a cabinet, my dad decided to help me rip out the old sink cabinet. I got to do a bit of home archeology and determined that at one point the kitchen had been painted a yellow/gold color and had yellow-ish linoleum with odd red and black splotches. I was amused to determine that the old cabinet had been left there because it was glued to the wall. Well maybe not glued, but it was definitely well stuck in place. It took a fair amount of muscle to pry it away (fortunately we didn't damage the floor or wall). We took a break to go have lunch and I was amazed when my folks agreed with me on a philosophical/religious point that was very much not old school status quo.

I'll post more ramblings (including a few pictures) later, but I want to get out and wash the truck before it gets dark. It's a balmy 60F out here and my yard is nicely shaded so it's ideal car washing environment. I'm sure Molly (the truck) will be very happy to be non grayish-brown.


60? I fucking hate you. You know what it is here right now? 1. Yes. 1. And do you know what it will be on Thursday? -17 to 4. During the day! A high of 4! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT!

Sorry, I'm irate. My truck isn't hidiously nasty, but, my frozen wash job last week missed a few spots. Plus, I'm dying to rip apart my wires, plugs, and rotor and find out where I'm losing spark. I need it to be atleast 50. That won't happen till... well, April? May? at this rate, maybe June.

Yes, I'm very very bitter.


It was 62 when I came inside earlier.

Now the temp has plummeted to 57 or so (it's fully dark at this point)

Heh, you know, this is when you should come out to visit. Winter's mostly over for us desert rats. Now we get 4 or 5 months of spring before we hit the hellishly hot (but dry ;) summer.

*ducks to avoid flying objects*

Re: :-p


*bites you*

There. That is better.