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Misc Pictures & Stuff...

So, I went scrounging at a random store called the "2nd Hand Store" (sounds promising right? ;) yesterday.

Check out what I came home with for $15.00

You've all met the skeleton before, but can you imagine finding a leather chair like that for $15.00? It needs to have the springs in the seat re-attached or somehow fiddled with (it will only support the skeleton at the moment) and it has several random rips in the leather and it needs new nail heads, but still. $15.00? I'm thinking it might cost me another $30-$40 to repair the leather and fix the springs. So I think I'm realistically looking at spending around $50 for the chair and maybe 3 or 4 hours of work. I think that was a very neat buy. It was actually amused by my dad earlier. He suggested that if I couldn't fix it satisfactorily, I should just leave it and use it for the skeleton. Maybe put it next to a "Waiting Room" sign. Sometimes my folks surprise me with their (surprisingly good) senses of humor.

Another amusing sight from this weekend is the following sign from one of the local Denny's RestauRANTs :)

One more picture post coming up in a while. I'm just going crazy with the posts today :-p

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