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As you can probably imagine (or know firsthand) construction tends to produce a rather large amount of trash. Today, we sent out one of our small trailers that had been serving as a dumpster over to one jobsite where we had a dumpster. The idea being that we'd empty it into our dumpster for the next pick-up. No big deal right?


So I arrived at the jobsite after dealing with some other stuff and one of the workers comes running up to my truck....

Worker #1:"There's some huge rats in the trailer!"
Worker #1:"What should we do? They're stuck in the trailer!"
Me:"Open the door and let them out?"
Worker #1:"But then they'll run away! They might run into one of the duplexes."
Me:"I don't care if they run away. If they run into a duplex, we'll chase them out."
Worker #1:"Can you help us with that?"
Me (thinking):"*sigh* I can't believe you three grown men can't deal with two rats"
Me (outloud):"All right"

We go to the trailer and proceed to try and persuade the rats to vacate the premises (at leas that's what I'm doing). Another of the workers though has a stick and he knows how to use it. He manages to club one of the rats in the head and you see a little flying furry body hit the side of the trailer. I know that doesn't sound all that amusing, but picture a big construction worker clutching a piece of wood as if he's facing King Kong and you can begin to see my amusement. Then he proceeds to pound the slightly twitchy furry thing as if he were a caveman procuring a feast for his family. I was halfway expecting him to lift it by it's tail and belt out a Tarzan-esque bellow. Fortunately for us though he merely looked relieved and then we thought to look for the other rat.

Well, having seen his/her companion bashed into a furry pulp, the second rat did the smart thing and he charged for the trailer's gate (where Worker's #1 & #2 were standing). I was off to the side and I saw another flying furrball, but this time it was moving of it's own volition. He/she/it aimed to go in between the two workers and they dove out of the way (and I mean really dove out of the way, imagine they were dodging a semi). At least that's an improvement. Now we have a very frightened and confused rodent running around the yard and not in the trailer. Much better. He's also managing to seriously spook the workers and I was having a lot of trouble not laughing.

So, picture this. I'm standing next to the rat-less trailer, holding a rake with a very amused grin on my face. There's a rat running around the yard (no place to hide since we'd just had it cleaned up) and there are three burly (and/or fat) construction workers with sticks alternating between trying to club it to death and running away from it when it turns towards them. As I'm (immensely) enjoying this scene I carefully head towards the nearest open doorway in a duplex. If the rat were smart/lucky enough to run out into the alley, I'd call off the workers and wish it many happy years of recounting it's tale of how it had taken on 3 giants and not only scared them, but escaped to talk about it. Really, I have no desire to see critters get killed, but I do tend to prefer that they not invade my space. So if it's in an alley doing it's thing, so be it. As soon as it wanders into my turf, then it's dust. This goes for most creepy crawly and pesty critters (and a few neighbors ;).

Anyways, after a few minutes of this, the rat finally makes a run for it. Unfortunately it makes a bee line for a doorway. My doorway. Now I know it sounds like I'm just all cool and relaxed with a rat running around and while I don't particularly mind them, I'm not going to front. I was thinking that I had two options a) play whack a rat with the rake or b) jump out of the way. I ended up doing a bit of both and I jumped out of the rat's path right as I brought the rake down on the poor little guy.

Needless to say, rat skull vs iron rake is not a fair fight and he died pretty much instantly. Once the last of the evil beasties was vanquished the workers were quite happy and they eagerly collected the corpses of their foes for proper disposal (a quick trip into the dumpster). Incidents like this are why I find my job amusing.

Oh, and for the record, the huge rats were about 3 inches long in body plus another 3 inches for tail. Not small, but I remember seeing significantly larger rats running around on campus (not counting the frat boys).

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