October 10th, 2001


You might think (I'm crazy)....

The above subject line is particularly appropriate right now. Not only is a line/title from a cars song, but I just had a discussion about cars with someone who more or less insisted on keeping this opinion about me.

So, I have a fair number of cars. If I lived in Boston, I would have exactly one of them. The reason that I have this many cars right now is that a) I don't have much of a life, and what life I do have isn't particularly expensive, b) People tend to pay me rather significant amounts of money for my services. Now a mature, responsible adult would use this money to lower credit card and student loan bills, or save it up for a down payment on a house. I am not such a person (although, in the last month, I have decided to save up some money for that down payment). c) I didn't go out and buy them all at once, with two exceptions all these cars came into my possession semi-accidentally.

1953 Buick Sedan - I bought this car 8 years ago, when I was 17. It was THE purchase I made with the $$$ I made working all summer. I paid a grand total of $1,100.00 for a car that is 95%-98% complete and original. In its current state, I could probably sell it to an enthusiast for $4,000-$5,000. Once I finish restoring it (i.e. cleaning, painting and re-upholstering) it could be easily be sold at auction for somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000. So why don't I sell it? Well, its a very cool car, and its probably the only 4-door sedan type car that I could stand to drive :).

1968 Ford Mustang - A tenant in one of my parent's duplexes owed them $500 and he couldn't round up the cash. He new that I liked old cars, so he offered to trade the car for the money that he owed. I happened to have the cash on hand, and I figured it wasn't a bad deal. The car needs a lot of work, but even as-is, I've been offered between $900-$1,500 for it on 4 different occasions in the past year. I waffle between keeping it an selling it, but lately I'm leaning towards keeping it, mostly because the last couple of people who offered to buy it really annoyed me by trying to force the price down by telling me all the stuff that was wrong with the car. This was particularly annoying since I wasn't actively trying to sell the car, these people just came up and asked about it.

1968 Ford Bronco - My father and I drive a lot for work and just for fun. On any given week, we might put 400-600 miles on our respective vehicles. Its not unheard of for something on one of them to break and leave us a little hard-up for rugged transportation. That's where this car comes in. I'm updating/modifying some of its systems (e.g. adding PS, PB, stereo, etc...). Even so, its a fun car/truck that we have available when one of the others breaks. Despite what I'm putting into it in upgrades and repairs, it'll still come out to about 1/8th the price of a comparably equipped new SUV, and it'll be quite a bit more rugged (this thing bears more than just a superficial resemblance to a tank ;).

1970 Lincoln Continental aka Drusilla- My dad gave her to me when I turned 16. She's a luxury car from back in the days when gasoline was a nickel, and speed limits were mostly just suggestions. She's got a gigantic engine, power everything, leather! interior, and she seats about 20 ;). She can also hold 5 or 6 bodies in the trunk, and she looks quite evil cruising down the highway. Did I mention that she can "cruise" the highways at 100+ mph and you can hardly tell that she's moving? My brother has a fairly new Lexus, and the only thing it has that Dru doesn't is a CD player.... She has an 8-track!!! How could I give that up? :)

1976 Corvette Stingray - I bought this car from my dad a couple of years ago. Business was slow, and he didn't drive it much anymore so he wanted to sell it so that he had some cash. I had the cash, I love the car, and I figured that I could let him keep using it whenever he felt like (my dad had wanted a Corvette since he was my age, and I thought it would suck for him to not be able to keep using it). It was a win win situation.

1990 Ford Bronco aka Molly - Molly is my main girl. She's tempermental at times, but she's also damn tough, and very cool. She might be somewhat new-ish compared to the others, but she has lots of chrome, a big bad-ass engine, a kickin stereo, and all the amenities, in addition to being very tank-like. She's gotten into a few scrapes (none of them our fault) and through them all, she's emerged unscathed, and looking much better than the other guy.

Ok, I'm done ranting about cars for now :)

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