October 22nd, 2001


Yikes, just yikes....

Driving around town earlier today, I came across this gem of a billboard:

Have you found Him?
Christ is coming El Paso!
Call ***-**** now!

Am I the only person who finds this just really really really frightening? This thing looked like something you'd expect to see advertising the next big teen boy-band concert, not what you'd expect for the second coming. Apparently, God tm has decided to advertise this time around....

I wonder who would buy their religion/faith from a big billboard on the side of the road? I also wonder who actually came up with the brilliant idea that this might in fact work to bring in shills, errr... I mean converts.

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mmmm leather....

Oh, I almost forgot the highlight of this weekend, I finally found a leather trench coat that fits me comfortably! Too bad I live in a desert climate now. I'll probably have to wait until mid /late November to wear it out some night.... I know all of my friends who live in colder climates are about to smack me now.

Still though, you probably have no idea just how very very very pleased I am to finally have the cool bad ass coat to wear when I head out. Its ideal for lurking and skulking :) It looks a lot like the one that Fishburne wore in the Matrix. Yay leather clothes that fit me! :)

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