October 23rd, 2001


Breaking news (or not ;)....

Somehow, this isn't all that shocking....

I AM 73% GEEK.

Nerd, Freak, Geek, Dweeb. Sound familiar? That's okay, cause I will be the richest person at my 15th year high-school reunion. If a "con" isn't happening that weekend.

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    Miles Davis - Time After Time

Another amusing quiz...

Now this one is a bit of a surprise...

I AM 44% PUNK.

The intelligent punk. Tuff and Smart. I may be able to maintain a train of thought long enough... What the fuck was I talking about?

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    Steve Miller Band - Space Cowboy

Hmmm today seems to be test day....

Ok, the last one for today:

I AM 66% GOTH.

Image and attitude are my paths to Goth-dom. Graceful and scary. I am the Master, with many slaves.

I dunno. I think that's a little high.... either that or I'm odder than I thought :)