October 24th, 2001

purple dragon

negative body mod....

This sucks, I've had to remove the orbital that I had in the upper part of my left ear due to recurring infections. I came to the conclusion that the combination of working outdoors a lot (and thus getting grimy, sweaty etc...), wearing glasses constantly (which happened to rub again the piercing a lot), and having long hair that can't quite be tied back yet (it often ends up covering my ears when I am working) made for a bad piercing environment. A local piercing guy suggested that I wait until my hair has grown out more before I try piercing the upper part of an ear again. He thinks that being able to tie my hair completely out of the way will make it a lot easier to maintain the piercing healthy while it heals.

Grrrrr... after 5 or so years of getting various piercings, this is the first one I've had to take out :(.

On the plus side though, the infection went away nearly immediately so ultimately its a wash, I'm just out the $$$ it took to do the piercing in the first place. Still though, I really liked the way it looked, and I'll probably have to wait 4-6 months before getting it re-done. Oh well.

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Remember a week ago or so when I mentioned that my inbox was a wee bit full and in need of some cleaning? Well, a week later, and its sitting pretty (bloated) at 340 messages. I really really really need to do something about that soon. I would rather not find out what happens when an inbox explodes.

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purple dragon


I'm sitting here reading through some blueprints (doing my exciting job), and I came across this little gem of non-accountability:

"Soil and foundation study is available for review at _________. It is for reference only, the architect nor the owner make, nor imply any guarantee as to its accuracy"

Now, what possible use is it to have something that might or might not have any bearing on reality and which no one is willing to in any way guarantee? Then again, stuff like this is why so many random companies have gone bankrupt because of problems with just 1 big job....

I wish I could have written that little disclaimer on my homework assignments while I was in school. T'would have made life much simpler :)

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