October 29th, 2001



Ok, I refuse to leave my journal on such a blah note this morning. So, here is (that's right, you guessed it) another quiz. According to "The Animal in You":

You are either a Owl or a Wolf personality.

They say, I have to pick one or the other animal, but I think most of you who know me would agree that both of these critters describe me fairly well (I'll let those of you who don't know me wonder which attributes match ;).

Take the test HERE.

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Taking a break from productivity

Today is actually working out reasonably well. I've done what I needed to do, and I should have plenty of time to do the other things I need to do before the end of the day. Something still feels off, but its nice to be getting stuff done nonetheless.

Eddie Izzard: The squirrel would stop eating and look about as if to say "Did I leave the stove on? No, of course not. I'm a squirrel"

I really need to clean my desk. It resembles a recycling bin that overflowed onto a toybox. I have random toys scattered around, under, in my desk and they tend to pop up at the oddest times:

Me: Well, your references are good, and I like the experience you have (shuffles papers)
New Guy: What's that on your desk?
Me: Oh that's just Godzilla and some Legos. So when can you start?
New Guy: (back towards the door and makes a run for it)

Ok, ok. Its not that bad, but I have noticed that people I run into in work situations tend to give me odd looks more so than the general population (something I didn't think was really possible). Oddly enough, for work that's actually a good thing since that means that its easier to keep that professional distance going, and I don't normally have too many problems dealing with folks (in construction, it really does help to be big and semi-scary looking), so even if they think I'm a goofball, I'm the goofball that signs their checks, or is running the project, so they have to deal (and its not like I'm not doing my job right).

An aside:Why is it so hard for Southwestern Bell to implement their call waiting feature correctly? I don't like call waiting, so I don't have it, but yet, I have to make a point to hang up the phone for 5-10 seconds before I can dial another number. Normally, this isn't an issue, but at least a couple of times a week, I'm trying to call numerous people about various things, and it irks me that if just push in the phone hang-up thingy (what is that called anyways?) when I let go, I will often end up back at the call I just hung up on (or a busy signal, or an error message etc...). Apparently all phones can flash to another line, but if you happen to only have 1 line, you will flash back to that line. Is it really that hard to put an if x>=2 then statement somewhere in their system to get rid of this bug? This isn't a hugely critical thing, but I resent that my phone service is degraded because I don't want/need a feature that costs a good 5-7 bucks a month. Yet one more thing to fix when I rule the world ;)

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News Flash 10/29/01:

Victor has a really really really hard time getting motivated when he really really really has to do something. Tonight, I'm having trouble cleaning my oh so spacious bachelor pad so that it looks habitable during my mom's birthday party tomorrow night. I really have to remember not to volunteer to host family gatherings.

Alternately, I could remember to dust more than once a quarter. That and sweeping, folding clean clothes (and not leaving them in piles on the floor), vacuuming, and throwing away junk mail would leave my house spotless.... well tidier at least ;)

Somehow I suspect neither of those things will happen and I'll just be a procrastinaty Victor for another while longer before magically morphing into the capable "Gets-things-done" Victor and getting the house clean in a really short period of time. I think that I'm just hard-wired to not be able to function properly without some measure of "Oh s***! I'm running out of time" in my life.

Anyway, back to not doing what I should be doing.

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