October 31st, 2001


Halloween Rant

Ok, so I've noticed some folks commenting about the day (people came down on both sides) and I had a couple of conversations about it earlier, so let me just say, for the record:

I really really like Halloween

I'm one of those lucky people that tends to do what he likes and what he likes tends to have a strong Halloween influence all year round. This isn't all that obvious to the casual observer (think stealth spook ;), but its there.Come Halloween though, I like seeing people dress up and act goofy. I don't really dress up too much since I pretty much always go as the "Big Bad" (Buffy refrence to those of you clueless folks out there). From time to time, I like showing of my "Master of Disguise" skills and I do dress up for the random party here and there, but for the most part, I enjoy getting to stare at people as openly as they usually stare at me ;).

I like that this is one of the few holidays that isn't full of syrupy, sappy, love, happiness, and kumbaya silliness. I love and cherish the people close to me all year round, I don't need a holiday to kickstart my karma, and while I do like some aspects of most holidays I find most of them hideously boring. Halloween is the only one that I can sit back and just enjoy all the way through.

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Geek is as Geek does or something....

I was sitting at my drawing up some schematics for the new wiring scheme in the house and it occurred to me, this is just really scary and geeky. You know in my profile how I say that my computers change stats frequently etc...? Well I'm in the mood to rewire part of the network, re-arrange some components and computers, and also (finally) get all the cable in the house hooked up to TVs and VCRs (most of these things are pretty old, for some odd reason electronics last forever in this house ;).

This re-org kick is partially a result of last night, when I realized that I only had 1 TV hooked up to cable and that its not in the office, so I often sit here listening to the TV in another room and that's just silly since I do have the cables etc... I just hadn't gotten around to it (story of my life, I know). Its not such a big deal normally (since I usually only watch 1 TV at a time), but I never have liked not getting everything working to its full potential (i.e. making sure all the various functions of all my toys work).

I also acquired some nifty new items that I'm incorporating into the whole system... (along with some cool new decorations). I'll put up more info and possibly some pictures when things are in place, for now I'll just say they're cool (but slightly scary) toys from my perspective ;).

Oh, and the LJ update program isn't working and that is mildly irksome. Correction, the LJ software is being mildly wonky... some weirdness with my passwd, but everything seems to be ok now.... probably just my computer flexing its bad digital mojo

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Halloween Scare Toll

Almost forgot, this was a relatively uneventful All Hallow's Eve (is that the correct way to say that?). I have Zhaan to think for that. She's a big black Labrador retriever and her bark is hugely worse than her bite. She does quite a good hell hound act whenever people get anywhere near my front door so that cuts down on random folks coming and knocking. I did however get to scare a few people who were being obnoxious and parking in my driveway.

I swear, I will never understand folks. I live in a somewhat sparsely occupied street, and there are loads of parking spaces nearby (people from Boston can smack me for that comment ;). So why is it that some doofus has to park in my driveway such that I can't get my car out? I had to do the Big Bad routine in my fuzzy Taz slippers, but it worked and he moved his car with minimal grumbling.

So - yeah, Zhaan spooked a good 10-15 people, and I spooked 2. Not an entirely unproductive evening ;)

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