November 2nd, 2001


Cool stuff

Went to go see The One, and Monsters Inc. tonight. They were both very cool movies albeit in different ways.

The One is a fun sci-fi action movie. No amazing plot twists, but its plot was well put together and they followed the rules of their world faithfully, so there were no annoying plot gaps (if you were paying attention). There was also a lot of amazing action throughout the whole movie. Jet Li fighting himself as the super-hero and super-villain was amazing. Not all of the effects were perfect, but some scenes (like watching Jet crush someone by smashing him with 2 motorcycles) were just amazing. Jet Li has this awesome grace and smoothness in his fighting. The movie seemed short, but that's only because the final battle sequence came up and it felt like I had just sat down to see the movie.

Monsters Inc. was a cool Pixar movie. If you've liked Pixar's stuff in the past, it won't disappoint. The short they had at the beginning was also great. I'm just amazed at how fun Pixar's movies always are. They aren't something I'd watch all the time, but whenever I do end up watching one, I can't help but get sucked in and just sitting enthralled like a little kid. In fact that's a good way to illustrate how cool the movie was. In a packed theatre where at least half the audience was under 10, there were no random people talking. Just a theatre full of people wrapped up in the story.

Funny moment: I was ranting about how some people could just do silly things at the movies and some of the comments were particularly harsh. Dave responded by saying "Well someone's going to have something to Confess on Sunday" my response: "I don't think so. There's nothing in the bible against being a snide jerk... there is no 'Though Shalt Not Mock' commandment"..... Some people overheard and made disapproving faces, but I still think that's a great idea... "Thou Shalt Not Mock"... hehehe.

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Note to self...

I forgot to mention this in association with my Wal-Mart rant the other day.

I really need to be careful about talking to myself in a crowded store. Especially since I tend to have discussions/debates/arguments with myself (comparing Pros & Cons in a decision or situation etc...). I also tend to be very animated when I talk. So just imagine Big Bad me walking down the aisle of a store pushing a shopping cart and having a very involved conversation with himself.

Its not that I think there's someone else there. I just end up making statements and rebutting them and just really talking to myself out loud. I've caught myself doing it often enough and I think its amusing, but the consesnus seems to be that its a little creepy

No, I have neve done that at VI ;-p

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