November 7th, 2001

purple dragon

1 Down.... X to go.

Well we went cruising for a new Village Inn tonight after Buffy. We tried the one near the airport and that was not cool at all. It felt like a diner, only really bleh. The food was also sub-par. So we took off in search of another VI.

So we went to one somewhat between the old VI and the airport VI. It was actually kind of ok. We stopped at Walgreen's before hand though and picked up some Hot Wheels and a super cheap pack of playing cards (but it fits in the hard cigarette pack that Dave finished, so I might just carry it around in that for amusement value). The Hot Wheels were a bonus. For some odd reason this Walgreen's had a bunch of last years series. I randomly happened to find a Molly and Hazel (with vastly different paint schemes) along with a bunch of other random nifty cars (including a spiffy '63 T-bird). Kind of sad though. I walked in hoping to buy a deck of cards and I ended up spending about 1,300% than I'd expected on the cars. Still though, the collection is looking decidedly neater now.

After the mini-shopping-spree, we hung out at VI for a couple of hours playing cards and listening to the staff discuss Sesame Street characters. Nothing too exciting, but Dave almost beat me at Gin Rummy (with slop since I couldn't quite remember the exact rules). I'm going to have to look up the exact rules since I think the slop helped out too much :-p

There were a few random amusing quotes for the evening including:

"Damn it, enunciate when you mumble!" - Said in reference to a poorly executed mumble. Along the lines of saying "mmm-hmmm" (yes) instead of "uh-uh" (no).

"That's not a run, that's a freakin' marathon" - Referring the stockings worn by a heavily made up woman who looked decidedly.... ummmm profesional ;).

"I don't like this VI, it has those annoying moving curbs that jump out in front of you. - Dave had some troubles navigating his way out of the airport VI....

.... I'm sure there were others, but I'm bleh now. Time for bed.

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purple dragon


Well, I saw last night's Buffy and I wanted to say "Wow". According to Entertainment Weekly, Joss Whedon wrote all the songs etc... and I was seriously impressed. I didn't like every song all that much, but I thought as a whole, they did a good job of getting things going and they are reasonably catchy. It really seemed like we'd spent all season figuring out that all was not well in the Buffy-verse, so it was a remarkably cool way to get things out in the open and get the plot going somewhat (and Buffy and Spike kissed, with minimal enchantments or robotics involved, 'bout bloody time ;)

I fully intend to buy the show's soundtrack when its available (according to EW, it'll be out on Whedon's Mutant Enemy sometime in the not too distant future).

It got me thinking. I'm not a huge fan of musicals or pseudo musicals, but there are a few that I find very cool. Among them:

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Cabaret
  • Jelly's Last Jam
  • Singing in the Rain

There might be a few others out there, but those are the ones that pass the CD test (i.e. I can put them in my CD player and listen to the whole CD without desperately wanting to skip songs). Some other musicals like Les Mis and Phantom are cool too, but invariably I end up not wanting to hear some of their songs. I'm actually a big soundtrack/score fan. I can think of several movies that have phenomenal soundtracks and even some that I'll watch and enjoy mostly because of the good music.

Anyways, enough rambling for now. I'm actually feeling kind of icky today and I need to be out working on heavy machinery in a bit... joy.... rapture.... bleh.

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Hurry up and wait....

Another thrilling morning of waiting. Specifically, I'm waiting for the mechanic to show up so that we can test the compression on one of the tractor's engines (its not wanting to start). I have managed to track down the user & service manuals for both tractors, so hopefully in a couple of weeks we can get around to ordering them and that'll make working on these beasts somewhat easier (less blind leading the blind-ish).
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Have a nice summer, keep in touch...

Do you ever find yourselves not quite in the mood to keep in touch with old friends? I don't mean actively fighting with someone and deciding that they are pure evil and you aren't talking to them. I mean just feeling like you are in a funk and not really wanting to core dump to your friends (like when you don't quite know what the problem is).

So lately, I've been thinking that I should e-mail or call some of my old friends & friends++, but I just can't quite get around to it. Possibly its because it feels weird that we've largely grown apart. When we visit and hang out things go back to the way they were, but for large chunks of time there isn't all that much that our lives have in common. Even just keeping up with the various developments in our lives doesn't seem to happen much if at all.

Then again it also hurts that some of these folks tend to be self-centered, so when we talk things revolve around their lives and their dramas and the emotional support that used to be there just isn't there anymore. Lately it feels like many of my conversations with old friends are terribly rushed. Like we are trying to cram every detail of our lives into a few minutes of talking (and sometimes they don't seem to be listening to what I'm saying). Even when we have marathon phone sessions, we just can't seem to cover everything and I end up wanting to talk more.

I suppose that's normal with people you care about, but I'm getting tired of always missing people. It seems like I'm always the one making the effort (and going above and beyond the call of duty) to stay in touch and eventually it tends to get me down.Its seems like people don't care much, or they only care once in a while when they feel nostalgic. Am I just being dense and not realizing that these frienships have changed by virtue of distance? I guess to a point I am, it just seems weird to have people saying one thing (about visiting, spending time togethor etc...) and then not quite feeling that same connection anymore.

So - yeah. I should talk to my old friends, but I'm just not quite up for it right now.

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