November 19th, 2001


Thoughts on bad ass characters in bad movies...

Last night TBS (the Superstation) had an original movie called Invincible on. It sucked something awful, but it did remind me of why I like Billy Zane when he plays a supernaturally powerful being (remember Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight? that's ok, no one else does ;).

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Piles of rubble and other ramblings....

Just in a jazzy/mambo kinda mood right now. Fighting back a sore throat and trying to get my house cleaned up a bit more.

I need to find a way of organizing things that does not involve piling things into neat and not-so-neat piles. Its just not working for me anymore... One of the drawbacks to having an actual house I guess. Once you get beyond 1 or 2 rooms, you need to actually organize things, or you'll never find them.

I heard from an old high school friend today and that was cool. She actually stopped by my house a few months ago out of the blue. Considering that we hadn't really talked or even kept in touch in something like 10 years, I was surprised. Today's email was about as surprising. She asked me to call her, I did and we talked for a little bit. I think I'm going to make a concerted effort to try and actively be friends this time around (i.e. friends that actually hang out and do stuff). Last time, I was mostly shocked to hear from her, so I left it at just emailing each other random jokes and whatnot.

Damn it, I'm going to try and be more social. Its not that I'm really that anti-social, its mostly that I tend to be self-involved (not self-centered ;) It seems like I always have some project to work on or some work stuff to deal with after hours, or some random idea that I decide to pursue. Its a mad scientist thing more so than a "don't care about people" thing. Having a billion projects to do and needing down time etc... tends to make it hard to make time for people sometimes. I should make an effort more. I miss having friends around that I can randomly hang out with and talk to etc... Currently 90% of my good friends live at least a state or more away and that's just not cutting it anymore.

So - yeah, I'm going to be more social while trying to not drive myself more insane than I already am... that should be an interesting challenge.

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