November 28th, 2001


"Oh the weather outside is frightful...."

Well what do you know. It snowed last night. In fact, its still "snowing" (but I use that term loosely). Get this, according to one of the local weather guys, "we might have accumulation in excess of, or I should say up to an inch of before this storm moves on this afternoon".

The amusing thing being that this "storm" is likely to shut down the city today. Of course, this would be the day that I need to head out to city hall to do random stuff. I figure between the fun inherent in dodging dodgy drivers on the roads, and people not being able to make it in to work, this city hall trip should be memorable (and not in a good way).

Oh, and my cable is all funky today so I'll have to call them to come out and check it out ASAP. Grrrr..... you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to keep it functioning through the occasional bit of weather that this city sees.

Anyways, that's the morning report from chilly El Paso
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purple dragon

and the miracles continue....

Cable guy just showed up.... kinda makes me glad that I live so close to where I work (now if only both of those places where in a cooler part of town, or better yet, a cooler town, but I digress).

The reason for the post was to express awe that I actually got a cable guy that is highly clueful, cheerful, and generally gives me a good feeling that he might actually manage to solve this particular bit of cable wackiness.

Assuming he continues this positive trend, I might motivate myself to call up Time-Warner to put in a positive comment about his work. Hopefully they'll get things squared away in time for Buffy this afternoon (or at worst tomorrow morning).

Anyways, don't be surprised if I fall of the net sometime in the next while, for a while...
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