November 30th, 2001

purple dragon

Random thought...

One good thing about ADD:

I am completely unable to maintain a mood. I tend to have to keep doing stuff that I find amusing in order to stay happy. On the plus side though, this also means that I just can't stick with a bad/unpleasant mood for very long (although I have been known to revisit them frequently :)

Nothing has changed, I should probably still feel blah and grumpy, but I don't. I probably will later, or maybe this weekend when I start thinking about specific things again, but right now I feel good.

My brain chemistry is weird.
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eBay continues to suck...

eBay used to be really cool for finding random odd things. Well, come to think of it, its still cool for that, but its just not working well anymore.

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It's been a few days since my last random quiz. This one was amusing...

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