December 12th, 2001



Jack, my parent's cat, is strange. He's also technically mine, but since they have a big house and he's been here for a few years I don't want to drag him to my house.... besides, I think 2 kitties is enough for my house. Anyways, Jack is a big cat. He's not one of those hugely fat ones, he's just really big. If he stands on his hind legs he can put his paws on the kitchen counters.

This also means that if he wants attention while I'm typing he can come to me, balance against my leg and tap my shoulder with one paw..... unfortunately he just did that with his claws extended..... Oowww!!! Big kitty claws are not what I wanted stuck in my arm right now.

Just thought you'd want to know.
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I need a life...

Remember that shredder I fixed a while ago? Well today in an effort to get rid of some paper junk I finally got around to using it a bit.... Oh my... I had no idea paper shredding could be so entertaining... Clearly I need a life... or I need a more interesting life :)
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Life imitating art?

In an effort to have a slightly more interesting evening, I was watching Starship Troopers while I had dinner. Of course within a few minutes I had a disturbing feeling of Deja Vu, especially during the news reports in the movie...

Kind of makes me wish that all the hardcore hawks out there were required to really sit down and listen to what they are saying and how insane they sound half the time. I'm not saying that defense is not appropriate, but once we get to our current levels of rhetoric and propoganda, I start to get worried... Maybe its just me.
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