December 13th, 2001


Who's bright idea was this?

I just got a call from a really annoying company. I don't know why they keep calling, but for the last 4 or 5 years, this company will call us up every couple of months and offer us Saw-z-all blades. I don't think we've ever bought anything from them, but yet they call us and act friendly and chummy until we say that we aren't interested at which point they get pissy and we often end up hanging up on them.

On what planet does this seem like a good marketing strategy? I think someone misunderstood the whole "people like dealing with people" concept from marketing and sales. Yes, I do appreciate making contact with a real live human when I need to place a special order, or deal with something that might need a person to figure out how to make the order go through right, or quickly etc... That's cool.

On the other hand, the Hard Sale technique just seems really stupid, especially in an industry like construction where a good number of people might actually tell yout to Fuck Off (tm) if you annoy them (as opposed to other industries where diplomacy is more widely know of and practiced ;). At this point, even if I did need Saw-z-all blades, I probably wouldn't buy them from these guys just because I don't want to encourage them.

Isn't the construction industry glamorous? :-p
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PocketLJ Test

I'm trying out PocketLJ... So far so good.

PS I seem to have found an odd little bug in this program. Fortunately it looks like quite a few people pay attention to what's going on with it, so I suspect it'll get cleared up. Aside from the bug, I really like this client. All things considered, it's one of the better bits of software for the Palm.....
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Trying out yet another client.....

In an effort to kill some time at work, I'm trying yet another LJ client during my lunch break. This one is kind of nice... the options don't seem to work right though... that would be a pain.

Well, I'll post and see what happens.

PS - Wouldn't you know it, this one seems to have an issue with 24 vs 12 hour time keeping. The first time around it posted this entry at 1:15A.M. instead of the correct 13:15. I'm just Mr. Bugfinder today.