February 14th, 2002


Keyboard Test....

Now that I'm a little less stressed I figured I'd geek out a bit. So, check it out. I'm typing this on the good old Palm Vx with the handy dandy keyboard. You know, if I could do this when I was in college, I would have probably taken all of my notes like this.

Despite being a dedicated geek, I still find it amazing that I can carry around a full fledged computer keyboard setup like this. If I had some extra $$ to burn I could even have a color screen or an Ipaq w/ Linux on it (pardon me while I drool a bit :).

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Random House Pictures....

I was wandering about my parent's house earlier, and I happened to notice how cool (in a weird sort of way) the pool area looks. Keep in mind that it's winter right now and even though it's a bit warm in these parts, most of the plants around the pool are quasi-tropical....

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